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Added balance issues related to Dragon types
* {{type|Psychic}} Pokémon had virtually no match because their moves were resisted only by other Psychic types and their only weakness was to the {{t|Bug}} type, of which there were only three damaging moves: {{m|Leech Life}}, {{m|Pin Missile}}, and {{m|Twineedle}}. Additionally, most of the Pokémon that learned these moves were part {{t|Poison}} and therefore weak to Psychic moves. {{type|Ghost}} moves were also completely ineffective against Psychic types instead of being super-effective, due to what may be a programming bug.
* {{type|Dragon}} types had no damaging moves other than the set-damage move {{m|Dragon Rage}}, and so could not gain [[Same Type Attack Bonus|STAB]] on any dragon moves and were only effectively weak to {{t|Ice}}.
* The {{stat|Special}} stat represented both Special Attack and Special Defense, meaning that a Pokémon with a high Special stat had an edge in battle. For example, {{p|Venusaur}} had a [[base stats|base]] Special stat of 100, used {{type|Grass}} (considered "[[Special move|Special]]") moves, and was weak to mostly Special types.
* [[Critical hit]] ratios were based on a Pokémon's base speed, allowing faster Pokémon to deal more critical hits.