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[[File:GO Guide Gym 4.png|thumb|150px|A Gym has been reduced to 0 Prestige due to a challenger, making it free to be claimed for any team.]]
Any Gym that is controlled by a team has a level, which is determined by its Prestige. The Gym's level determines the number of defending Pokémon that can be placed in it. If a Gym's level falls below the number of defending Pokémon, the Pokémon with the lowest {{DL|Statistic|Combat Power|CP}} is ejected from the Gym and returned to its owner. If a Gym's level is higher than the number of Pokémon currently stationed there, a Trainer on the same team as the Gym can add an additional Pokémon.
Gyms begin as neutral with 0 Prestige and available to be claimed by any team. Stationing a Pokémon in a neutral Gym will claim that Gym for yourthat player's team. When a Gym is claimed for a team it will transform and display the colors of the team currently holding it. Stationing a Pokémon in a Gym increases the Gym's Prestige by 2000, so a newly claimed Gym will increase to level 2, allowing a second Pokémon to be stationed there.
Players from the same team can train at a Gym to increase its Prestige, up to a maximum of 50000. The Gym gains Prestige for every Pokémon a player training at the Gym defeats, with additional prestige gained if the attacking Pokémon's CP is lower than the defending Pokémon's CP.
Players from an opposing team can challenge the Gym to decrease its Prestige. The Gym loses Prestige for every Pokémon a challenger defeats, with a bonus Prestige loss if the challenger defeats all of the Gym's defending Pokémon. A Gym loses approximately 1 level for every victory against all of its defenders, so it may take multiple victories in order to claim a Gym if it has a high level.
Though a Gym with 50000 Prestige will still have its Prestige increased by 2000 if new Pokémon are added to it, the Gym's Prestige will be automatically lowered back to 50000 if another player battles or trains there.
Once a Gym's Prestige reaches 0, it becomes neutral and not controlled by any team, available to be claimed by any team.