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Rushing through the Gym with a {{p|Growlithe}}, Looker is confused about why Giovanni would be here, as the Viridian Gym was supposed to be have been closed off. He and Growlithe arrive at the door that leads to the battlefield, and after a few seconds of preparation, they rush in, only to find an empty room. Looker examines the floor, seeing recent traces of an explosion. A SWAT team enters the room, informing Looker that the Viridian Gym is empty.
In a follow-up investigation, the International Police is surprised to find out that Giovanni was actually the [[Gym Leader]] of the Viridian Gym. After handing [[Badge]]s to two Trainers (presumably {{ga|Blue|two}} and {{ga|Red|Trainers}}), he had simply disappeared. On a hill near [[Viridian City]], Giovanni declares that Team Rocket will never fall and that all Pokémon exist solely for the use of Team Rocket, before walking away. As the episode ends, Looker mentions the rumors about Team Rocket having been disbanded, although the truth is shrouded in mystery.
==Major events==