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* Gallade is tied with {{p|Scrafty}} for the highest {{stat|Special Defense}} base stat of all non-Legendary {{type|Fighting}} Pokémon.
* Mega Gallade has the highest {{stat|Attack}} of all non-legendary {{type|Psychic}} Pokémon.
* Mega Gallade, along with Mega Gardevoir are apart of the only branched evolutionary chain where both end stage evolutions can Mega Evolve.
The single fin on Gallade's head resembles the helmet worn by {{wp|murmillo}}-class Roman {{wp|gladiator}}s, or the {{wp|Corinthian helmet}} with a horsehair crest worn by Greek {{wp|hoplite}}s. It may also be based on medieval {{wp|knight}}s. Additionally, its battle stances in various media resemble the ''en garde'' position and parries of modern {{wp|fencing}}.