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* Gardevoir's {{stat|Attack}} and {{stat|Special Attack}} are the reverse of {{p|Gallade}}'s.
* Mega Gardevoir has the highest {{stat|Special Attack}} base stat of all Fairy-type Pokémon and the highest base stat total of all non-Legendary {{type|Fairy}} Pokémon.
* Mega Gardevoir, along with Mega Gallade are apart of the only branched evolutionary chain where both end stage evolutions can Mega Evolve
Gardevoir resembles a {{wp|principal dancer}}. Its exaggerated head with minimal facial expression and an overall frail, featureless physique could also be attributed to ''anesama ningyou'', a style of traditional Japanese {{wp|paper doll}}. Its protective nature over its Trainer may suggest that it is based on a {{wp|guardian angel}}, though its ghost-like characteristics could also suggest that it is based on {{wp|ghosts}} that refuse to leave this world.