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Pelipper Dungeon: Middle

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|jname=ペリッパーダンジョン 中
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|maintype={{t|Fighting}}, <small>{{t|Dragon}}, {{t|Normal}}</small>
|recruitable=No{{tt|*|These Pokémon are found and recruited via Connection Orb after completing the missions for them.}}
'''Pelipper Dungeon: Middle''' (Japanese: '''ペリッパーダンジョン 中''' ''Pelipper Dungeon: Middle'') is an extra dungeon in [[Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon]]. It can only be accessed onvia [[Pelipper Island]].
==Pokémon encountered==
==Items found==
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* The dungeon's music is a remix of the song played in the {{fa|Mushroom Forest}}, {{fa|Healing Forest}}, {{fa|Transform Forest}}, {{fa|Secretive Forest}}, {{fa|Jungle}}, {{fa|Mist-Rise Forest}}, {{fa|Flyaway Forest}}, {{fa|Overgrown Forest}} and {{fa|Energetic Forest}} [[Friend AreasArea]]s from [[Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team]].
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