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Ash had made the decision to challenge all three [[Gym Leader]]s and had only secured one victory: the match against [[Chili]] and his {{TP|Chili|Pansear}} with {{AP|Tepig}}. Having lost one match to [[Cress]] and his {{p|Panpour}} when they defeated {{AP|Pikachu}}, Ash must now win this battle in order to prove his worthiness of the Badge. Will he be able to do it?
The sunlight grows strong above the Gym as {{TP|Cilan|Pansage}} gathers light with the sprout on itshis head. Shaping the collected energy into a ball, Pansage moves it to the side of itshis body, pulls back, and fires it at {{AP|Oshawott}}. Now taking on the form of an arrow, the {{m|SolarBeam}} snakes through the air as Oshawott stares in disbelief, itshis eyes wide open. Ash calls out to Oshawott, but...
Quickly, Oshawott grabs the scalchop on itshis belly and sticks it out - the SolarBeam now hits the scalchop, the force of the impact so strong that Oshawott is sent backwards into the rocks - Oshawott angles itshis scalchop, and the SolarBeam deflects upwards, its power now returned to the sky. The crowd stares in disbelief; the cheerleaders, and the three Gym Leaders themselves gasp in awe as they witness the remarkable feat performed by the Sea Otter Pokémon, while {{an|Iris}}, from a distance, silently supports itshis achievement.
{{an|Cilan}}, his opponent, is full of praise for Oshawott, but nevertheless Ash is not completely out of the woods - he still has to finish the battle. Pansage starts off with a flurry of {{m|Bullet Seed}} attacks, but Oshawott once again deflects them with ease, itshis scalchop acting as a shield. Confident, Ash commands Oshawott to use {{m|Razor Shell}}.
Oshawott readies itshis scalchop - it glows blue for a while, before Oshawott jumps up and prepares to strike Pansage. However, the Grass Monkey Pokémon does not let that happen. Quickly, ithe fires another flurry of Bullet Seeds at Oshawott in mid-air, and Oshawott, once confident, now falls into panic and disarray. As the {{t|Water}} Pokémon struggles, ithe loses itshis grip on itshis sea-shell shaped appendage, and the scalchop flies to the edge of the field, propelled by the momentum of the incoming Bullet Seed.
Oshawott falls to the ground, and itshis supporters (Ash, Pikachu and Iris), are now shocked by the thought of what is to come. Under the command of itshis Trainer, Oshawott gets up and attempts to retrieve itshis fallen scalchop, but is blocked by another flurry of Bullet Seeds fired by Pansage. As Oshawott attempts to dodge the seeds, ithe is eventually hit by one, and ithe is made semi-conscious.
Cilan then announces a slogan of his: "Time for the battle to be served!", and the cheerleaders go wild with excitement. In his dream-like [[Pokémon Connoisseur]] state, he briefly mentions how Ash uses "simple, deducible, and bland" attack patterns and has no compatibility with Oshawott, unlike the bond shared between him and his Pansage, whose attacks have the "aroma of a freshly mowed lawn". He ends with a simple pose and the cheerleaders again go wild with excitement.
Cilan then comments on Ash's poor choice of Pokémon with regard to type compatibilities. Ash explains that types do not matter, but again, Cilan does not believe otherwise, claiming he is becoming desperate, and with his "sour" attitude, he will "just spoil the flavor of Oshawott's battle". Ash states they will see about that, and immediately, he pulls a stunt: he asks Oshawott to aim itshis {{m|Water Gun}} at the wall. Though the observers (including Oshawott itselfhimself) gasp at the command, Oshawott carries it out specifically. ItsHis Water Gun ricochets off the wall, between the rocks and towards itshis scalchop - the scalchop flies into the air, and Oshawott catches it. With that, ithe readies another Razor Shell attack, and this time, ithe manages to hit itshis target; Pansage is caught by surprise and limps backwards.
Cilan tells Pansage to use {{m|Bite}}. At that instant, Ash tells Oshawott to use Razor Shell, and both Pokémon rush towards each other, ready to attack. Immediately, a bang is heard, and both Pokémon seem to have delivered a glancing blow; they face away from each other and stand there, motionless. For a moment it seems like both Pokémon are still capable of attacking, but it is Pansage that gives way: ithe does not endure any longer and faints, causing Cilan to feel shocked and sending a wave of disappointment through the group of cheerleaders.
Oshawott sits on the ground to rest. Ash is now victorious, having defeated two of the three Striaton City Gym Leaders.
Seated in a corner of the waiting area, where an old man is feeding his {{p|Sandile}}, and a small girl is brushing her {{p|Patrat}}, Cilan begins his conversation with Ash. He subsequently questions Ash fervently, with regard to their previous battle, before a confused-looking Ash is called on to receive his Pokémon. An {{p|Audino}} appears with Ash's Pokémon, and Ash soon learns from Cilan that Nurse Joy has an {{TP|Nurse Joy|Audino}} helping her within the Pokémon Center. Ash checks his Pokédex.
Suddenly, Iris rushes into the Pokémon Center, her {{TP|Iris|Axew}} glowing pink as she carries ithim to Nurse Joy. She exclaims that the city is emitting pink light, and as Axew was exposed to the light, ithe too started glowing pink and fell asleep. At that moment, a woman in a lab coat, together with her {{TP|Fennel|Munna}}, runs into the Pokémon Center. As she sees Axew, she quickly asks Munna to wake Axew up, and the Dream Eater Pokémon complies: it starts consuming the pink cloud surrounding Axew.
As soon as Munna is done, the floral patterns on its body glow for a while, before it expels a dense cloud that was Axew's dream. Axew finally wakes up, and as ithe watches itshis own dream, seeing itselfhimself running, before evolving into a {{p|Fraxure}}, and then into a {{p|Haxorus}}. The lady then introduces herself as Professor [[Fennel]].
Leading Ash, Iris and Cilan outside, they find the city covered in pink, and Prof. Fennel explains that it is actually [[Dream Mist]] produced by Munna's evolved form, {{p|Musharna}}. Ash then checks his Pokédex for Musharna.
A police car stops in front of the group, and [[Officer Jenny]] alights from the car, telling Ash to return Pikachu into itshis [[Poké Ball]] so that ithe would not come into contact with the Dream Mist. Ash reveals, to Iris's and Cilan's surprise, that Pikachu does not like to go back into itshis Poké Ball. Prof. Fennel then has an idea: she places [[Ash's hat#Best Wishes hat|Ash's hat]] over Pikachu. She then reassures Cilan that Munna will be all right from the smoke's exposure, and suggests going to the Dreamyard.
As the group travels in Officer Jenny's car, they discuss the Dreamyard. Before the explosion that had occurred, the Dreamyard was originally a research facility for Pokémon Energy, and it was investigating the possibility of harnessing clean energy through Musharna. However, such research became popular and many people ambitiously wanted rights to the project. As Musharna had to eat dreams in order to develop the energy, it absorbed the negativity of such thoughts and intentions, and thus, facing a great deal of pressure, it was unable to take the stress and caused an explosion. Musharna then disappeared, and the research ceased.
Prof. Fennel then talks about how she came to Striaton City when Munna detected Musharna's presence. As they drive further down to the outskirts of the city, they soon notice a strong pink light emitting from behind the trees in front of them.
The Team Rocket trio areis extremely pleased with the amount of data they are receiving. While they delight in the success of their mission, a police car suddenly draws to a stop behind them, and the group emerges. Immediately, Prof. Fennel realizerealizes what is going on: the machine Team Rocket is using is causing residual energy to react strongly. As Officer Jenny questions who the three of them are, the trio break into their {{DL|Team Rocket Motto|Unova|motto}}, and reveal their identities.
As the Team Rocket trio announceannounces that they are using the residual energy at the Dreamyard to fuel {{TRT}}'s ambition of taking over [[Unova]], Professor Fennel becomes disappointed at the thought of being involved in such a research project. Cilan then reminds her of the reason she came to the Dreamyard-- the connection between Munna and Musharna, and Munna agrees. Seemingly in response to their answer, the ground trembles, and lightning bolts rise to the sky to form a pink veil; Musharna calls out in response.
While the Team Rocket trio areis thinking about capturing Musharna, the source of the residual energy, the group calls out to it. For a moment, there is no response, but a gap soon opens in the veil, and a sphere, glowing with pink light, materializes in front of them. As Musharna appears, Prof. Fennel rushes up to meet with it, but is stopped short by beams of blue light that were fired by Team Rocket's machine.
Grabbing Munna into her arms, Prof. Fennel watches with Ash as the machine traps Musharna with green light. Realizing it is quite safe for Pikachu to do without the hat, Ash takes it back and tells Pikachu to use {{m|Volt Tackle}}. As the Mouse Pokémon charges itselfhimself with electricity, more blue beams shoot forth from the machine and attempt to stop ithim from advancing. Prof. Fennel then tells Munna to use {{m|Psychic}}. As the machine crumbles against itself, Pikachu rams it head-on with Volt Tackle, causing the machine to explode, freeing Musharna. Immediately, the pink veil disappears.
Jessie then sends out her {{TP|Jessie|Woobat}}. With a {{m|Gust}} attack aimed at the ground, it causes a wall of dirt and dust to form, obscuring the group's vision. A while later, the dust settles, and the Team Rocket trio areis now nowhere to be seen.
Prof. Fennel is now reunited with her Musharna and embraces it with her arms, trying to make up for what Musharna has gone through. While she thanks Ash and the group, Cilan goes into his Pokémon Connoisseur state and dreamily talks about Prof. Fennel and her Musharna's 'harmony'.