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[[XY131|After watching Ash at the Lumiose Conference]], Bonnie was shocked when Squishy fled after the stadium was attacked by weird vines. In [[XY132|the following episode]], despite the protests of [[Meyer|Blaziken Mask]], she went after Squishy along with Clemont and Serena. After she finally sense exactly where Squishy was, she was amazed when it transformed into a Zygarde to confront the one under Team Flare's control. In [[XY133]], She watched as Squishy and Z2 were battling each other throughout Lumiose City, until the former was subdued by the latter. She sensed Squishy's pain and fell to her knees and after she stood back up, she was rescued by Blaziken Mask's Mega Blaziken when one of the giant roots almost attacked her. Despite Blaziken Mask's attempt to comfort her, she couldn't help but to scream out as she kept feeling Squishy's pain.
In [[XY134]], Bonnie kept trying to reach out to Squishy, who in return atacked her with vines. After Blaziken Mask took a hit for her, a desperate Bonnnie began to tear up and, with no other options left, began singing Squishy's song. This managed to snap Squishy out of it's mind control, however, and Bonnie was overjoyed when Squishy came to her side. Soon after, however, Squishy left after it sensed Z-2 being freed from TEamTeam FLareFlare's control.