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Disarming Voice (move)

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In the anime
{{movep|type=fairy|ms=700|pkmn=Sylveon|method=Sylveon opens its mouth and releases a beam of purple hearts in a loud shrieking voice, hitting the opponent.}}
{{movebtm|type=fairy|user=Valerie|user1=Valerie's Sylveon|startcode=XY074|startname=Fairy-Type Trickery|notes=Debut}}
==In the manga==
===In the Pokémon Adventures manga===
{{movemanga|type=fairy|exp=yes|gen=The user lets out of cry of music notes.|image1=Veevee Disarming Voice.png|image1p=Sylveon}}
{{movep|type=fairy|ms=700|pkmn=Sylveon|method=Sylveon lets out a cry of music notes that hurt the opponent.}}
{{movebtmManga|type=fairy|user=Y (Adventures)|user1=Y's Veevee|startcode=X & Y chapter (Adventures)|startname=X & Y chapter|notes=Debut}}
==In other languages==