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<!The synergy between {{TCG ID|EX Hidden Legends|Crobat|3}} and {{TCG ID|EX Hidden Legends|Gorebyss|18}} was admittedly limited, but they complimented each other in that they were non-{{TCG|Pokémon-donex|ex}} Pokémon that were capable of attacking for only one or two {{TCG|Energy card|Energy}}. Crobat'ts forget''Flutter Trick'' attack combined well with the disruption caused by {{TCG|Desert Shaman}}. Desert Shaman could also make it difficult for an opponent to includefind somethingthe aboutresources typenecessary advantageto get a {{TCG|Poison|Poisoned}} Pokémon out of the active position, increasing the effectiveness of Crobat's second attack, ''Triple Poison''. Gorebyss provided another inexpensive attacker, and one that was particularly effective against {{TCG ID|EX Team Magma vs Team Aqua|Blaziken, eitherex|89}}-based heredecks or(widely inconsidered to be the opening-->strongest attacker of the era).
==Key cards==
[[File:DesertShamanSkyridge123.jpg|thumb|right|200px|{{TCG|Desert Shaman}}]]
* '''{{TCG ID|EX Hidden Legends|Crobat|3}}''' - Crobat was one of the deck's two primary attackers, capable of attacking for only one or two Energy.
* '''{{TCG ID|EX Hidden Legends|Gorebyss|18}}''' - Gorebyss served as the deck's other primary attacker, and served as a hard counter to {{TCG ID|EX Team Magma vs Team Aqua|Blaziken ex|89}}.
* '''{{TCG ID|EX Sandstorm|Dunsparce|60}}''' - Dunsparce was the deck's ideal starter Pokémon. With its ''Strike and Run'' attack, Dunsparce could instantly give the player a strong setup; most decks of the time relied on Dunsparce early in the game.
* '''{{TCG|Desert Shaman}}''' - Desert Shaman provided a means for CroByss to downsize the opponent's hand, which was particularly effective in combination with either of Crobat's attacks. Because CroByss was a quick deck that often set up before its opponent, a Desert Shaman early in the game was typically much more disastrous for an opponent than for the Crobyss player.
* '''{{TCG|Double Rainbow Energy}}''' - Double Rainbow Energy provided a way to power up either Crobat's ''Triple Poison'' or Gorebyss's ''Mystic Water'' in only one turn.
==Typical decklist==
==Possible tech cards==
''The following cards are often used in Wailord/Fossils in place of certain cards included in the above list.''
* '''{{TCG ID|EX Hidden Legends|Jirachi|8}}''' - Because CroByss relied so heavily on [[Evolution#In the TCG|Evolutions]], Jirachi could serve as a viable alternative or partner to {{TCG ID|EX Sandstorm|Dunsparce|60}}.
* '''{{TCG ID|EX Hidden Legends|Igglybuff|37}}''' - Igglybuff served a similar purpose,
* '''{{TCG ID|Skyridge|Ditto|51}}''' -
* '''{{TCG|Ancient Tomb}}''' -