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In ''[[XY106|A Meeting of Two Journeys!]]'', Clemont promised to help Ash research his special connection with {{AP|Greninja}}, after observing and refereeing the battle between Ash and [[Alain]]. By the time of ''[[XY116|The Synchronicity Test!]]'', Clemont had developed a special wristband-mounted device that would allow him to measure Ash and Greninja's heartbeats. In order to invoke the transformation he then battled Ash and Greninja using his Luxray, but to no avail. He then observed the battles between Ash and Alain, and was shocked when Ash collapsed as a result of his exhaustion.
Clemont kept travelling with Ash, being impressed by his ability to eventually master the Ash-Greninja formeForme. When Ash became the Runner-Up of the Lumiose Conference, Clemont congratulated him on making it that far. After the conference ended, the city was attacked by Team Flare, who were using {{p|Zygarde}} to cover the city in vines. [[XY132|When]] Clemont learned that Team Flare was using his Gym as a base of operations, he insisted on confronting them despite the protests of Blaziken Mask, secretly his concerned father. Nonetheless, Meyer relented when he saw how dedicated Clemont was to his Gym. Clemont then fought Team Flare alongside Clembot, incapacitating [[Aliana]], [[Bryony]], and numerous grunts in order to infiltrate the Gym.