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{{Japanese name|rom}}
(Japanese: '''オギン''' ''Ogin'') is one of the characters from the {{pkmn|movie}} ''[[M11|Giratina and the Sky Warrior]]''. Her English name was not revealed, so this article will refer to him by his Japanese name.
Ogin was on a train with [[Shun]], [[Taka]] and {{OBP|Kako|M11}}. She met up with {{Ash}}, {{an|Brock}}, {{an|Dawn}}, {{OBP|Shaymin|M11}}, {{OBP|Layla|M11}} and [[Moose]] and listened to Moose's story of how he witnessed Shaymin's flower bearing once. Ogin told them how people send [[Gracidea]] flowers to each other to express gratitude. Shortly after, she witnessed Shaymin transform into its [[List of Pokémon with form differences#Shaymin|Sky Forme]]. She then explained to Ash, Brock and Dawn how to reach the flower garden of {{si|Gracidea}}, as they were wanting to go there. Following this, the train was attacked by [[Zero]]'s {{p|Magnemite}}, {{p|Magneton}} and {{p|Magnezone}}, but Ash, Dawn and Shaymin were able to drive them off. She later said her goodbyes to Ash, his friends and Shaymin as they set off on a ferry to Gracidea.