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Ash, Serena, and Bonnie reunited with Clemont in ''[[XY066|Confronting the Darkness!]]'' for Ash's Gym battle against Clemont. However, the match was interrupted by [[Officer Jenny]] who arrested Clembot for the crimes committed by [[Dark Clembot]] and [[Belmondo]], who were eventually found outside [[Lumiose Museum]]. Lumiose University, an electronics store, a high-end boutique, and a 3 star hotel were also featured in this episode. In ''[[XY067|The Moment of Lumiose Truth!]]'', Ash eventually had his Gym battle against Clemont and his Bunnelby, {{TP|Clemont|Heliolisk}}, and {{TP|Clemont|Luxray}}, and won with his {{TP|Ash|Pikachu}}, {{TP|Ash|Hawlucha}}, and {{TP|Ash|Goodra}}. This victory earned Ash the {{badge|Voltage}}, his fifth Kalos League Badge overall. Following the Gym battle, the group took a visit to Professor Sycamore again in ''[[XY068|Garchomp's Mega Bond!]]'', after which they left the city.
As revealed in ''[[XY121|Seeing the Forest for the Trees!]]'', Lumiose City would be the site of the Kalos League. The [[Lumiose Conference]] began in ''[[XY125|A League of His Own!]]'' and ended in [[XY131]], with [[Alain]] as the victor. As the closing ceremonies were underway, [[Team Flare]], having secretly taken over the Prism Tower, took control of {{DL|Recurring wild Pokémon in the anime|Z2}} and forced it to transform into its 50% Forme. After doing so, it attacked the city with massive roots, causing serious damage to it, Prism Tower, and the stadium where the Lumiose Conference was taking place.