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Ash and Iris appear in front of a large green building, and they both enter. Iris explains how the battle club works on a computer inside. Four panels appear on the screen and Iris chooses the top left one with a picture of two Trainers. She goes on and says this is the Trainer's profile as pictures of Pokémon with their Trainers appear. As Iris goes on, Ash and {{AP|Pikachu}} get more excited by the minute.
Ash and Iris enter a room with a Pokémon battle already started between two Trainers. One Trainer has a {{p|Dewott}} and the other {{p|Servine}}. Ash looks them up on his Pokédex. The Trainer with Servine tells it to use {{m|Leaf Blade}}, but Dewott blasts it back with a {{m|Water Gun}} attack. Servine falls near Ash and Iris, and a rather large announcer declares Servine's defeat. Servine's Trainer runs up and asks it if it is alright. The Trainer then runs out carrying the injured Pokémon. The announcer introduces himself as the battle manager [[Don George]] and Ash and Iris introduce themselves. Don George notices his Pikachu as ithe is not native to Unova. The winning Trainer asks Ash if his Pikachu is strong, and when Ash says yes, he is then challenged to a battle, which Ash accepts.
As Ash gets ready to battle with Pikachu, {{AP|Oshawott}} stumbles out of itshis Poké Ball, wanting to battle. Despite Ash and Pikachu's reasoning, ithe pushes Pikachu to the ground and gets ready to battle. The other Trainer sends out Dewott, and upon seeing itshis evolution, Oshawott has itshis doubts and urges Pikachu to battle for ithim. Ash returns Oshawott to itshis Poké Ball, and Pikachu and Ash get their game face on for a brawl.
Ash tells Pikachu to start off with {{m|Thunderbolt}}, which Dewott evades. Iris comments on the Pokémon's speed. Ash then tells Pikachu to use {{m|Iron Tail}}, this time landing a clear shot. Dewott falls back near its Trainer, it then tries to get up. Seeing this as a chance, Ash tells Pikachu to use {{m|Volt Tackle}}, however Dewott evades at the last moment. The Trainer smiles and instructs Dewott to use {{m|Razor Shell}}, landing a clear hit.
Meanwhile, {{TRT}} breaks into a nearby building, inside of which a silhouette of Pokémon can be seen. The Pokémon dashes out, causing Team Rocket to make a noise, setting off the alarm. Meanwhile, Ash's battle is put to a halt by the alarm. The announcer goes out and checks with his subordinates. Ash, Pikachu, and Iris dash out, curious on what happened. Over at the building, they inspect it but find nothing. They decide to check the security cameras. They are all then gathered in a room where a monitor shows the building's rooms in a 3D view. The video shows Team Rocket leaving the building in a hurry, followed by a dark black Pokémon. Ash uses his Pokédex to manually bring up the entry on the Pokémon {{p|Umbreon}}. Ash and Iris decide to help the manager find it. Ash sets out some [[Pokémon food]] as a trap, and leaves Oshawott and Pikachu to guard it. Instead, Oshawott eats all the food, and knocks Pikachu backwards into some boxes when the Mouse Pokémon tries to stop him. Many falling boxes hit Pikachu on the head, followed by a metal container, knocking him out. Ash sees a {{p|Tepig}} try to eat the food, but ithe could not, as ithe has a rope tied around itshis mouth. Ash attempts to help ithim, but Iris appears and scares ithim away. Ash manages to corner ithim and take the rope off of ithim. Meanwhile, Don George and his assistants are continuing their search for Umbreon. Team Rocket over hears them searching for Umbreon, so [[Jessie]] paints {{MTR}} to look like an Umbreon, which {{MTR}} is clearly not pleased with. He then lures Don George and his workers away from the building to give Jessie and [[James]] their chance to search the warehouses. When they catch up with him, they start crying tears of joy, but then he feels guilty and reveals himself as a {{p|Meowth}} painted as an Umbreon. After some initial disappointment, however, Don George and his assistants realize that a Meowth —even if ithe doesn't speak human— is also very rare in Unova, and decide to catch Meowth instead. However, Meowth left before he could realize this.
After feeding and cleaning Tepig, Ash and Iris take ithim back to Don George, who explains that Tepig belonged to an arrogant Trainer, who, after Tepig's defeat to a {{p|Deerling}}, abandoned ithim. In a sad attempt to follow itshis Trainer, Tepig got tied to a pole. Tepig broke free but still had a remnant of rope tied over itshis mouth. Just then, Team Rocket attacks and tries to steal Pikachu. Ash attempts to use Oshawott to save Pikachu, but is unable to. Then, Tepig decides to fight beside Ash. Ash orders an {{m|Ember}} attack, freeing Pikachu. However, Team Rocket manages to escape. Iris then decides to catch Tepig. However, Tepig decides to go with Ash instead.
At the end of the episode, {{an|Giovanni}} is shown speaking with Team Rocket via a computer screen, telling them to head to [[Striaton City]], for a certain area nearby needs investigation.