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Ash and Pikachu begin admiring the brilliant, star-filled night sky, when a shooting star, a symbol of good luck, runs across their field of vision. The two soon become excited about their journey, and as they drown themselves in a babble of energized chatter, Oshawott appears from behind a bush, oblivious to the two of them...
The next day, Ash wakes to find Iris missing, but nevertheless continues with his journey. He sees a {{p|Pidove}} flying above the forest, checks his Pokédex, and decides to catch ither before giving chase. Reaching a clearing where a flock of Pidove had gathered, Ash tells Pikachu to engage the closest one. Pikachu, using a super-effective Thunderbolt against Pidove, causes ither to faint. However, when Ash is about to throw a Poké Ball, the enraged flock of Pidove attacks them {{m|Air Cutter}} and {{m|Quick Attack}}, buying enough time for the fainted Pidove to recover and flee. As the entire flock flees, Ash starts feeling dejected, until one particular Pidove walks in front of Ash and starts pecking at the ground.
Grabbing this opportunity, Ash commands Pikachu to use Quick Attack, and Pidove is sent flying across the ground. She then manages to get onto her feet, recovers and tries to regain an awareness of her surroundings. As she was doing so, Pikachu jumps into the air and lands an {{m|Iron Tail}} attack on Pidove, knocking her down. Ash quickly throws a Poké Ball. For a moment Ash thinks he's caught her, but Pidove breaks free.
Iris questions who Team Rocket are, and she soon realizes that they are a group of people who steal Pokémon for their evil ambitions and aim to conquer the world. Iris immediately demands Team Rocket to return her Axew, but she also notices that Meowth is able to talk. As she is amazed, Meowth then self-proclaims that he's far more intelligent than all {{p|Meowth|other Meowth}}. Team Rocket then places Pikachu and Axew in a glass box, forcing Ash to send out Pidove. In an attempt to show how strong Pokémon from [[Kanto]] are, Jessie sends Meowth to battle, who attempted to use {{m|Fury Swipes}}. Pidove sends Meowth flying backwards with {{m|Gust}}. Jessie then sends out a Pokémon she had caught: {{TP|Jessie|Woobat}} (She only learns of the name only when Iris announces it). Woobat starts attacking Pidove with an {{m|Air Slash}}, but Pidove evades and charges at Woobat with a Quick Attack. Woobat dodges to the side, turns around and uses Gust, [[Fainting|knocking out]] Pidove, and Jessie recalls Woobat.
James then prepares a purple {{wp|Balloon (aircraft)|balloon}} for their escape. Desperate, Ash and Iris both climb a nearby tree and Ash leaps from the crown, ready to grab the glass box that was hanging underneath the balloon. However, he misses and falls back all the way to the ground. Things seem hopeless when Oshawott suddenly appears from nowhere and throws itshis scalchop at Team Rocket's balloon, causing it to crash which shatters the glass box. As the Pokémon are thrown clear, both Ash and Iris jump forward and catch their Pokémon, while Oshawott catches itshis scalchop, places it back at itshis belly and jumps for joy.
However, Team Rocket will not retreat without a fight. Ash tells Pikachu to use Thunderbolt, but Jessie immediately sends out Woobat and the Bat Pokémon uses Air Slash, which hits both Pikachu and Axew before Pikachu's attack could hit. Jessie orders another Air Slash. Just before Woobat can attack, Oshawott jumps in front of the two Pokémon and uses {{m|Water Gun}} on Woobat, sending it flying towards Team Rocket. Pikachu gets up and charges into {{m|Volt Tackle}}, but James throws a smoke bomb, causing Pikachu to run into the smoke. When the smoke clears, Team Rocket is no where to be found. Pikachu and Axew, tired and exhausted, collapse onto the ground. Ash grabs Pikachu and thanks Oshawott, and the Trainers rush off to the [[Pokémon Center]]. Oshawott stares blankly as they disappear into the distance, puzzled as to what had happened.