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This newly hatched Pokémon causes quite a fuss among the group. Ash feels that he should have it because he found it; Brock feels it should be his because he cared for it before Meowth; Meowth wants it because he looked after it just before it hatched; Jessie and James both ''just want it!'' Meowth points out to them that his partners didn't do anything to help in Togepi's growth. Misty feels she should have it, as Togepi likes her best. They all decide to have a Pokémon tournament to determine who should have Togepi.
Meowth panics because he has no Pokémon, and goes and asks Jessie and James for theirs. They refuse, as he didn't let them participate in the tournament; Meowth then remembers that he ''is'' a Pokémon and decides to battle for himself. After the draw, the final match ends up being between Misty and Ash, in their first battle since [[Cerulean City]]. Ash sends out {{AP|Bulbasaur}} and Misty attempted to send out Staryu, but instead {{TP|Misty|Psyduck}} popped out. Misty instructs Bulbasaur to attack Psyduck on the head to worsen its chronic headache, but Ash decides to use Bulbasaur for a different manner, and commands it to lick Psyduck on the head and tickle it until Psyduck went back in its {{ball|Poké}}. Ash and Meowth battle, but it is cut short after one {{m|Thunderbolt}} by Pikachu. Thus, Ash is the winner of the tournament. Jessie and James drag a crisp, sobbing Meowth away. After the tournament, Togepi keep on treating Misty as the parent, as Ash found out from the Pokedex that when Togepi spawnsspawned from thean egg, the first person that he saw will be viewed as his parent.
==Major events==