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Attract (move)

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Generations II-V: added ineffectiveness when used BY a genderless Pokémon
===Generations II-V===
If the target is the opposite [[gender]] of the Pokémon who launched the move, the target becomes {{status|Infatuation|infatuated}}. If the move is used on a Pokémon that is the same gender as the user, orit iswill genderless,fail. itIt will also fail if used by or on a genderless Pokémon. If the foe Pokémon holds a [[Destiny Knot]] and then becomes infatuated, the user will fall under the same effect. Unlike most [[status move]]s, this move will affect a target with a {{m|substitute}}.
Pokémon with the Ability {{a|Oblivious}} are immune to the effects of Attract.