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In ''[[XY113|Performing a Pathway to the Future!]]'', after defeating Shauna and Jessilee in the semifinals, Serena competed against Kalos Queen {{an|Aria}} in the final round. Despite her best efforts, she ended up receiving fewer votes than Aria. As a result, she was eliminated from the competition and Aria kept her title. With the Master Class over, Serena and her rivals said their goodbyes and left Gloire City to start practicing for the next Showcase circuit.
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! Language
! Name
! Origin
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| Japanese
| グロリオシティ ''Glorio City''
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| English, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish
| Gloire City
| From ''gloire'' (French for glory)
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| French
| Laurier-Ville
| From ''laurier'', an aromatic plant
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| Italian
| Gloriopoli
| From ''gloria'' (glory)
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| Brazilian Portuguese
| Cidade Gloriosa
| From ''glória'' (glory)