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In Pokémon Origins: I don't know if I should add this in his Origins section or in his trivia. Please fix if I added it in the wrong section.
Later, Red discovers that Brock is the Gym Leader of Pewter City and goes to challenge Brock to earn his first Badge. There, they have a Gym battle in which Brock teaches Red about type matchups and strategy. Brock is shown to have many Pokémon, and selects Geodude and Onix when Red confirms that he has no [[Badge]]s. This implies that all Gym Leaders have Pokémon of varying strengths in reserve in order to keep each challenge a fair fight. After a tough battle, Red eventually defeats Brock by using all of his Pokémon to slowly weaken Brock's Onix until it falls. Having lost the battle, Brock awards Red with the Boulder Badge and {{TM|34|Bide}}.
Unlike most other characters, whose design is based on their Fire Red and Leaf Green design, Brock's design looks more like his [[Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver|HeartGold and SoulSilver]] design.
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