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Sneasel (Neo Genesis 25)

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Prior to the introduction of the {{TCG|Modified format}}, this card ran rampant in decks mainly because of the ability to do upan toaverage of {{tt|14080 damage|6a full 6-Pokémon Bench and 6flipping an average of 3 heads, equateplus 12010 damage. Thefor effectseach of twothe actualtwo Darkness Energy Special Energy cards}} broughtand thea damagemaximum toof {{tt|140. damage|if all 6 aforementioned coins land heads}} onper turn as early as the second turn provided a deck's setup went smoothly, combined with its zero Retreat Cost and no type weaknesses. In comparison, the next strongest 2-Energy attack available with minimal drawbacks was Base Set {{TCG ID|Base Set|Electabuzz|20}}, which dealt 30 damage or 40 on a coin flip. When the first {{TCG|Modified format}} ({{TCG|Team Rocket}} on) came into play [[2001-02 Modified format (TCG)|in 2001]], this Sneasel was specifically singled out and banned from the format. Later joined by {{TCG ID|Neo Genesis|Slowking|14}}, it would remain banned from the Modified format until the Neo Genesis set was [[Rotation (TCG)|rotated out]] of the format in the second rotation.
A {{TCG ID|Undaunted|Sneasel|68}} with almost the same artwork was featured in the HS {{TCG|Undaunted}} expansion, with illustration by Aya Kusube, instead of Ken Sugimori.
{{m|Fury Swipes}} and {{m|Beat Up}} are both [[move]]s in the [[Pokémon games]] that {{p|Sneasel}} can learn. This card's [[Pokédex]] entry comes from {{game|Gold}}.