Difference between revisions of "Smeargle (Pokémon)"

** Smeargle can pass down any [[Egg Move]] combinations to any Pokémon in the {{egg3|Field}}. This is important in Generations II to V, when only the father can pass down Egg Moves.
** {{m|Hidden Power}}-evaluating NPCs cannot identify the type of Smeargle's Hidden Power even if Smeargle possesses the move, due to being unable to use the TM for it.
** Smeargle is able to Sketch {{m|Hyperspace Fury}}, but the move will always fail when used by pokemonPokémon other than Hoopa- Unbound.
* Smeargle is the only Pokémon capable of learning the same move more than four times—some Pokémon have the same move available at level 1 as well as by leveling up, while Smeargle has the same move available ten times as it levels up.
* In the anime, Smeargle have been seen with different colored-tipped tails.