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'''PocketMonsters Fansubs''' is {{wp|fansub}}bing group subtitling the Japanese [[Pokémon anime]] in English. They also own [[PocketMonsters.net]].<ref>https://pocketmonsters-fansubs.blogspot.nl/p/faq.html</ref>
The projectgroup started subtitling in 2008 with [[DP094]] in 2008, and they have subbed every core episode from that point and up. Separate translators subtitle earlier episodes, which are released on a irregular schedule.
Names of characters and Pokémon are kept in Japanese, while location names, etc are handled in a way that according to the group best represents the intention of the original name. If the official English games uses a name that works as a straight translation of the Japanese, this name will typically be used by them to lessen confusion. All Pokémon moves use the name from the official English video games.
==External links==
* [http://pocketmonsters-fansubs.blogspot.com/ Website]
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