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[[File:Held items anime.png|thumb|200px|A pile of held items in the anime]]
A '''held item''' (Japanese: '''{{tt|持|}}{{tt|物|もの}}''' ''held item'') is an [[item]] that may be carried by a Pokémon. This capability was first introduced in [[Generation II]]; however, when a Pokémon obtained in [[Generation I]] is traded to a [[Generation II]] game through the [[Time Capsule]], it may be holding an item, such as a [[TM09]] held by an {{p|Abra}}. Likewise, items held by Pokémon traded to Generation I will not be lost.
Held items range from [[Berry|{{Berries]]}}, which can be used in battle for recovery of {{stat|HP}}, curing of a [[status condition]], raising of a stat, and other effects; to the {{DL|Out-of-battle effect item|Soothe Bell}}, which boosts [[friendship]] gained.