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The episode starts with {{Ash}} and {{ashfr}} eating their lunchtime snack. While they're eating, {{an|Serena}} comes by with [[Poké PuffsPuff]]s, but with only crumbs left, since {{TP|Clemont|Chespin}} ate them all. {{TP|Serena|Pancham}} becomes angry, and starts fighting with Chespin which {{an|Clemont}} and Serena try to end. However, the two Pokémon continue fighting across the field.
We eventually see [[Nini|a girl]]'s {{p|Smoochum}} and her crying {{p|Farfetch'd}}. The girl then asks what Clemont and Serena are doing to her Pokémon, and asks if those "ill-mannered" Pokémon are theirs, and that Chespin and Pancham were using {{m|Tackle}} for no reason. Clemont and Serena tell Chespin and Pancham that they need to apologize. Ash joins in and apologizes too. The girl accepts their apologies and reveals she is practicing for a [[Pokémon Showcase]], which Serena is participating as well. It will be their first time doing it.
* In some scenes, Nini's gloves are missing.
* When Serena and Nini shake hands at the end of the episode, Nini's glove is missing.
* When Serena goes to fetch the {{DL|Pokémon-Amie|[[Poké Puffs}}Puff]]s, she isn't wearing her hat, but when she comes back, she is.
** It should be noted that she may have put her hat on when she retrieved the basket of Poke Puffs.