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This episode begins with {{an|Serena}} sharing her freshly made {{DL|Pokémon-Amie|[[Poké Puffs}}Puff]]s with some of the group's Pokémon. Even though they are not intended for him, {{Ash}} tries one himself, and loves it. As Ash hands {{TP|Clemont|Dedenne}} a Poké Puff, it is floated out of his hand and into the waiting mouth of a {{p|Slurpuff}}. A girl comes up behind it and promptly tells Serena that Slurpuff thinks her Poké Puffs are so decent, insulting her. She introduces herself as [[Miette]],and gives the group's Pokémon her own "perfect" Poké Puffs as an apology for her Slurpuff stealing theirs, and while the Pokémon are impressed, Ash is not. As Miette continues to brag and insult Serena, a heated bicker ensues, only to be broken by {{an|Clemont}}.
Away from the group, {{an|Bonnie}} finds a poster for a Poké Puff competition and suggests that Serena and Miette should compete, at which they accept. As the preliminary rounds begin, Serena, Miette, {{TRT}}, and others compete in baking original Poké Puffs on an outdoor stage in front of a live audience. As the second half of the round comes to pass, the competitors are doing well, except for Team Rocket, who have only succeeded in burning their creations. When the round has finished, the world famous Poké Puff master [[Gena]] takes the stage to announce the bakers who will advance to the final round of the competition. Bonnie makes her way up onto stage to propose that Gena marry her brother, but is, as always, dragged away by an embarrassed Clemont. Miette asks Ash if he has a future bride in mind, watching for Serena's reaction after Ash says he does not. The finalists are announced; the [[Berrybaker kids]], Miette, and Serena are the three who will go on to the final round. After the first round, Team Rocket's plan to win the contest and then steal all the Pokémon at venue has failed. {{an|Jessie}} resolves to make it so that only she can make Poké Puffs.