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[[File:EP018 error.png||thumb|225px|right|Meowth's outstretched paw showing its pads]]
* Of the four banned episodes that have aired on Japanese television, this is the first one that was banned in all countries outside of Asia.
** The reason why the episode is "banned" wasis because there is a scene halfway in when James crossdresses and wears inflatable breasts for a beauty contest. Although intended for comic effect, the nature of the scene caused so much controversy that the whole episode was banned for almost 3 years, until it was aired as a heavily cut version that was only 18 minutes long. This edited version was titled "The Lost Episode" when it aired in 2000. The ending of this episode was shown as a flashback in the dub of ''[[EP027|Hypno's Naptime]]'', indicating that they had access to the raw of this episode while dubbing the first season.
** According to Diana Pérez, the voice actress for [[Jessie]] in {{pmin|Latin America}}, this episode was dubbed into Latin American Spanish. She additionally commented that when dubbing anime, the dub staff usually receives the uncensored versions instead of the already-cut 4Kids-edited version. This could mean that the episode was translated by Western dubbers, since these are all based on the US version, but it was still never aired for those regions.
* This episode marks the first chronological appearance of [[Team Rocket's mechas|Team Rocket's Gyarados submarine]].