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Pokémon Puzzle League

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{{Ash}} and {{AP|Pikachu}} are on vacation (presumably after having competed in the [[Orange League]]), when they are called on the phone by {{an|Professor Oak}}, who tells Ash that he has been selected as one of the challengers for the Official Puzzle League Tournament. Ash excitedly accepts the offer, ready for a new challenge, and heads off to Pokémon Puzzle League Village to compete.
To succeed in the tournament, Ash has to earn eight [[Badge]]s from the [[Kanto]] [[region]] which allow him to proceed to the [[Elite Four]] and, eventually, the Puzzle Champion. He can do so by fighting the respective Kanto [[Gym Leader]]s in puzzle matches. Other characters, such as {{Tracey}} or {{TRT}}, interrupt him on his way and also challenge him to a fight.