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[[File:Save XY.png{{incomplete|thumb|right|Saving2=needs innames {{g|Xfor Quicksaving, Gen andVII Yinformation}}]]
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A '''save file''' or '''save''' (Japanese: '''レポート''' ''report'') is an important feature in the [[Pokémon games]] which allows the player to resume their adventure from where they left off the last time the game was booted.
The sound effect played after saving is successful differs between Japanese versions of the [[Generation I]] games.<ref>[ GlitterBerri's Game Translations » Staff Secrets] (translated from the [ original] by TCRF admin GlitterBerri)</ref>
Save data is stored on a RAM chip powered by a battery when the game is turned off. If the battery runs dry, the save data is deleted constantly due to the RAM not being powered on.
====Generation II====
The first step is to confirm the save and the second step is to confirm the overwriting of the current save file, if one is already present. Additionally, during the process, the game warns the player to not turn off the power.
Save data is stored on a RAM chip powered by a battery when the game is turned off. If the battery runs dry, the save data is deleted constantly due to the RAM not being powered on.
====Generation III====
In the [[Generation III]] games, the saving process is similar to that of [[Generation II]] but attempts to better secure the process were performed with the addition of backups, which are loaded if the primary save file becomes corrupted.
Whenever backup memory is damaged or worn out, the game tries to correct the issue a few times by itself; if all attempts fail, it warns the player that it can still be played but that any progress will not be saved. The English versions mistakenly suggest that the internal battery may have run dry, but saved data does not actually rely on the battery at all.
Battle Videos and the player's uncollected StreetPass tags are saved to the SD Card (separately from the save file of downloaded copies of the core series games), even when playing using a game card, and are not deleted when the save file is. This data is shared between X and Y and between Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, but is separate for each pair of games.
Unlike the three generations before, this generation of games appears to have no backup memory.
===In spin-off games===
====In the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series====
SavingIn typically[[Pokémon happensMystery inDungeon: Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team|Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team]] and [[Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time and Explorers of Darkness|Explorers of Time, Darkness]] and [[Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky|Sky]] the {{player}}'s bedcan oronly save in their bed, at [[Kangaskhan Rock]]s., Ifand at the player[[Treasure wishesTown#Crossroads|well toat savethe crossroads]]{{sup/md|S}}, (and immediatelywill returnbe asked if they want to thesave maineach menu),time they maycome useback afrom "quickan save"adventure optionafter foundwaking inup. theStarting in-dungeon menu's[[Pokémon <sc>Options</sc>Mystery sectionDungeon: Gates to Infinity|Gates to Infinity]], andthe thenplayer selectingcan <sc>Quicksavesave oranywhere Giveoutside Up</sc>a dungeon from the menu.
InIt [[Pokémonis Mysterynot Dungeon:possible Explorersto ofsave Timeinside anddungeons, Explorersbut ofit Darkness|Pokémonis Mysterypossible Dungeon:to Explorersquicksave. ofDoing Time]],so [[Pokémoncreates Mysterya Dungeon:temporary Explorerssave offile Timefrom andthe Explorerspoint ofthat Darkness|Darkness]]the andgame [[Pokémonwas Mysteryquicksaved. Dungeon:Upon Explorers of Sky|Sky]]quicksaving, the menuplayer is expanded,immediately andtaken to the button[[main ismenu]]. relocatedResuming tothe aadventure newdeletes sectionthe known as thetemporary <sc>Rest</sc>save sectionfile.
====In Pokémon Conquest====
===Generation II===
* Changing Boxes and moving {{OBP|Pokémon|species}} between Boxes in the [[Pokémon Storage System]]
* Using the [[Pokémon Center#Generation II|Cable Club]], or [[Pokémon Communication Center|PokéCom Club]] (Japanese {{game|Crystal}} only)
* Entering the [[Hall of Fame]] or defeating {{ga|Red}}&mdash;this is done automatically
* Participating in {{pkmn|battle}}s in the {{Gdis|Battle Tower|II}}{{sup/2|C}}
* Participating in {{pkmn|battle}}s and using "other communication features" of the [[Player Search System]]&mdash;the requirement to save is optional
* Participating in {{pkmn|battle}}s in the [[Battle Maison]]
* Entering the [[Hall of Fame]]&mdash;this is done automatically
===Generation VII===
* [[Trade|Trading]] a {{OBP|Pokémon|species}}&mdash;this is done automatically
* Enabling Internet access
* Using the [[Global Trade System]]
* Using [[Wonder Trade]]
* Participating in {{pkmn|battle}}s in the [[Battle Tree]]
* Entering the [[Hall of Fame]]&mdash;this is done automatically
Physical damage to the game cartridge, such as from dropping it, may result in corruption of the save file in games of the first three [[generation]]s. Improperly set cartridges (and memory cards in the case of games for the [[Nintendo GameCube]]) may cause data to be read as corrupt. In such instances, turning the system off and reinserting the cartridge properly will cause the data to be read correctly.
In the Generation I and II core series games, save data is stored on a RAM chip powered by a battery when the game is turned off. If the battery runs dry, the save data is lost due to the RAM not being powered on.
==Cloning glitches==
{{main|Cloning glitches}}
In the [[Generation I]] and {{gen|II}} games as well as in {{game|Emerald}}, there are cloning [[glitch]]es which exploit the use of saving.
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==In other languages==
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