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That gives the impression that being in the Mineral Egg Group means it requires Ditto to breed | These names for Egg Groups are likely plurals, so somebody more familiar with the languages should change them to singular (Italian might even be the same)
Egg Groups are based on biological traits of [[Pokémon (species)|Pokémon species]], generally allowing biologically similar species to breed. However, there are some oddities within Egg Groups: for example, the {{egg2|Field}} contains a particularly wide variety of Pokémon species, so that seemingly illogical pairings can be noted within it, such as {{p|Skitty}} {{Appendix|Fan terminology#HSOWA|and}} {{p|Wailord}}.
Egg Groups are generally preserved along [[List of Pokémon by evolution family|evolutionary lines]]; however, [[baby Pokémon]], {{p|Nidorina}}, {{p|Nidoqueen}}, and {{p|Shedinja}} are not in the same group as their evolutionary relatives: Baby Pokémon, Nidorina and Nidoqueen are in the {{egg2|Undiscovered}} and thus unable to breed, while the genderless {{p|Shedinja}} is in the {{egg2|Mineral}} and(although thusit requires {{p|Ditto}} to breed due to being genderless).
Egg Groups are not displayed in any [[core series]] game; however, they have been canonically mentioned in [[Pokémon Stadium 2]] as a part of [[Earl Dervish]]'s Pokémon Academy's extensive data banks, in [[Pokédex 3D]], and in various strategy guides.
==Egg Groups==
This is a list of Egg Groups by their index number in the games:
# {{egg2|Monster}}: Pokémon in this group are saurian/kaijū{{wp|kaiju}}-like in appearance and nature.
# {{egg2|Water 1}}: Pokémon in this group are amphibious in nature.
# {{egg2|Bug}}: Pokémon in this group are insectoid (bug-like) in appearance.
# {{egg2|Ditto}}: As the name implies, {{p|Ditto}} is the only Pokémon in this group, and is capable of breeding with all others (regardless of gender) aside from those in the Undiscovered and the Ditto group.
# {{egg2|Dragon}}: Pokémon in this group are draconic in appearance.
# {{egg2|Undiscovered}}: Pokémon in this group are unable to breed with anything. In Stadium 2, this Egg Group was known as "No eggs".
==In other languages==
|fr=Groupes d'Œuf{{tt|*|Pokédex 3D series}}<br />Groupes Oeuf{{sup/ss|Stad2}}
|de=EigruppierungEi-Gruppe{{tt|*|Pokédex 3D series}}<br />Eigruppierung{{sup/ss|Stad2}}<!--- Stadium 2 formats it as Eigruppierg. -, but it also writes gruppierung in the option to search Pokémon by Egg Groups, hence the name !--->
|it=Gruppo Uova{{tt|*|Pokédex 3D series}}<br />Gruppi Uovo{{sup/ss|Stad2}}
|es=Grupo de Huevo{{tt|*|Pokédex 3D series}}<br />Grupos Huevo{{sup/ss|Stad2}}
|ko=알 그룹 ''{{tt|Al Geurup|Egg Group}}''}}