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'''Egg Groups''' (Japanese: '''タマゴグループ''' ''Egg Group'') are categories which determine which {{OBP|Pokémon|species}} are able to [[Pokémon breeding|interbreed]]. SimilarlyThe toconcept thewas introduced in [[Generation II]], along with breeding. Similar to [[type]]s, a Pokémon may belong to either one or two Egg Groups.
Egg Groups are decidedbased byon biological traits, whichof overall[[Pokémon serves(species)|Pokémon tospecies]], allowgenerally Pokémon which areallowing biologically similar species to breed. However, there are some oddities which have been noted within Egg Groups: for example, the {{egg2|Field}} Eggcontains Group'sa standardsparticularly arewide particularlyvariety of Pokémon broadspecies, andso manythat seemingly illogical pairings can be noted within it, such as {{p|Skitty}} {{Appendix|Fan terminology#HSOWA|and}} {{p|Wailord}}.
Egg Groups are generally preserved along evolutionary[[List lines;of {{p|Ralts}},Pokémon {{p|Kirlia}},by {{p|Gardevoir}},evolution and {{pfamily|Gallade}}evolutionary arelines]]; all in the {{egg|Amorphous}} grouphowever, while {{p|Pikachu}} and {{p|Raichu}} are in the {{egg|Field}} and {{egg|Fairy}}. [[Babybaby Pokémon]] are the only Pokémon besides, {{p|ShedinjaNidorina}}, {{p|NidorinaNidoqueen}}, and {{p|NidoqueenShedinja}} that are not in the same group as their evolutionary relatives;: Baby Pokémon, {{p|Nidorina}} and {{p|Nidoqueen}} are both in the {{egg2|Undiscovered}} and thus unable to breed, while the genderless {{p|Shedinja}} is in the {{egg2|Mineral}}, and thus requiringrequires {{p|Ditto}} to breed.
Egg Groups are not displayed in any [[core series]] game; however, they have only been canonically mentioned in [[Pokémon Stadium 2]], where they areas a part of [[Earl Dervish]]'s Pokémon Academy's extensive data banks, andin [[Pokédex 3D]], where they are mentioned along with various other information about the Pokémon in question. They are also mentionedand in various strategy guides.
==Breeding chains==