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Freeze (status condition)

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==={{pkmn|Rumble series}}===
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Freeze ("'''Frozen"''' when inflicted in-game) is a negative status in the {{pkmn|Rumble series}}. A frozen Pokémon is unable to move or use any moves for roughly five seconds. However, if the affected Pokémon is controlled by a player, inputting movement or button commands will make the effect wear off faster, with a minimum duration of about two seconds. Frozen Pokémon are still, with ice crystals surrounding their body.
No types are immune to freeze, but Pokémon with the Adept, Ice Boost, or Steady [[Special TraitTraits]]s cannot be frozen, and those with the Reflector Trait will cause the user of the freeze-inducing move to become frozen instead if hit by one.
===Pokémon Conquest===