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|location=[[Whirl Islands]]<br>[[S.S. Aqua]]
|prev_round=Lively Lugia III
|next_round=Chinchou in Charge
The homing system,After {{adv|CrystalSilver}} explains,notices canthat track{{p|Lugia}} theisn't energy of any Pokémoninside the [[PokéDexPoké Ball]]'s holder has encountered, a new feature. When asked whether they hadthink heard of the feature before, {{adv|Gold}} and {{adv|Silver}} say nothing and pretend to knowabout how to use the system, Gold looking over Crystal's shoulder as she activates hers and mimickingwhen herLugia actions.could Gold apparently offends their new acquaintance by telling her that she is not merely a "motor-mouthed prissyhave girlescaped." Crystal thenfinally introducesrealizes herselfthat atit last,must buthave Goldflown ignores her, deeply involved as he isoff in waiting for the homingflash systemof to tracklight. {{padv|LugiaGold}}. Ignoringstomps bothabout ofin hisfrustration companions,when SilverCrystal climbs upremembers the island'stracking cragsystem andon discoversthe a cave[[Pokédex]], which, bycan virtue oftrack the tracksenergy beforeof itsany entrance, he deems to be Lugia's lair. Crystal recounts a legend thatPokémon the four [[WhirlPokédex Islandsholder]] are connected by tunnels and states that these would be a suitable hiding place for a gigantic Pokémon. Silver also sees signs of a struggle, and he and Gold suppose that Lugia might have been attacked before theyhas encountered it. That, says Crystal, would explain its rampage; but just as she is pondering aloud who might make such an attack, the three PokéDexes crash at once. It seeming improbable that they could all fail at once, Silver proposes that something may be jamming their signals, whereupon Gold counters that Lugia may have been captured already by someone else.
Meanwhile,Crystal thethen [[S.S.asks Aqua]] is safeGold and soundSilver again,if swiftlythey cuttinghad throughheard of the waves.feature Abefore, sailorbut aboardthey issay relievednothing thatand hepretend hasto madeknow ithow outto ofuse the [[PS146|attack]]system, andGold thenlooks stunnedover (but,Crystal's again,shoulder relieved)as toshe seeactivates [[Lt.the Surge#Insystem theon manga|Lther Pokédex and mimicks her actions. Surge]]Gold burstapparently throughoffends thetheir doornew ofacquaintance theby ship'stelling controlher room,that aliveshe andis unharmednot merely a "motor-mouthed prissy girl." JustCrystal asthen Surgeintroduces beginsherself toat reflectlast, onbut hisGold adventureignores her, adeeply facsimileinvolved comesas inhe atis waiting for the ship'stracking bridgesystem to track {{p|Lugia}}. Ignoring both of his companions, aSilver summonsclimbs forup the lieutenantisland's crag and alldiscovers thea othercave [[gymwhich, leaders]]by tovirtue appear atof the [[Pokémontracks Association]]before inits [[Goldenrodentrance, he deems to be Lugia's City]]lair.
Back on the Whirl Islands, Silver speculates that someone could have struck Lugia with a [[PokéBall]] immediately before [[PS148|Crystal did]]. Silver abruptly brings out his {{p|Murkrow}}, guessing whoever attacked Lugia in the cave the culprit; the entire fight that the PokéDex holders had with the legendary Pokémon wasrecounts a trap! Over Crystal's objectionslegend that he ought at least to speak to [[Prof. Oak#In the manga|Prof. Oak]] andfour [[Prof.Whirl Elm#In the manga|Prof. ElmIslands]] beforeare chasingconnected Lugia'sby captor,tunnels Silverand flies off clutching Murkrow's talon. Gold assures Crystalstates that Silverthese would notbe calla thesuitable professorshiding underplace anyfor circumstancesa and,gigantic inPokémon. spiteSilver ofalso hissees old habitsigns of warning Silver not to try to handle everything on hisa ownstruggle, thinks well enough of this departure,and he and Silver having this time a [[Masked Man|common enemy]]. Crystal worries (wondering what Gold could mean bysuppose that); then,Lugia startlingmight herhave companion,been remembersattacked {{adv|Yellow}}before andthey theencountered [[Wilton|fisherman]]it. Her [[PokéGear]] rings; Prof. Oak is on the line. She picks up: the professorCrystals states that heit iswould awareexplain ofits therampage, unusualbut happeningssuddenly nearthe [[Cianwoodtracking City]]system and has called to checkcrashes on Crystal; in response and in one harried breath, Crystal tries to tell the professor of all that has happened to her of late and is stopped when she comes to her having lostthree YellowPokédexes. ThereRealizing isthat ait meteorologicalisn't crewlikely onthat theall way,three Oakwould says,fail and he will tell them to look for Furthermoreonce, theGold professorstates needs Crystal to go tothat the [[Indigoonly Plateau]];explanation heis wasthat alsoLugia goinghas to ask Gold to go, but hasalready been unablecaptured toby reachsomeone himelse. Gold ''could'' be anywhere, but, as Crystal reveals, he is standing right next to her at the Whirl Islands!
Silver flies high aboveMeanwhile, the chain,[[S.S. landingAqua]] atis lastsafe onand thesound southernmost isleagain, theswiftly onlycutting onethrough thatthe hewaves. andA Goldsailor haveaboard notis yetrelieved visited.that Itshe cragmade housesit a whirlpool at backout of whichthe isattack, awhen roaring waterfall[[Lt. TouchingSurge]] down,suddenly Silverbursts sendsthrough outthe {{p|Gyarados}},door {{p|Kingdra}},of andthe {{tp|Silver|Feraligatr}}ship's and orders them to usecontrol {{m|Whirlpool}}room, {{m|Waterfall}},alive and {{m|Surf}}, respectivelyunharmed. AstrideJust Feraligatr,as SilverLt. sailsSurge overbegins theto calmedreflect poolon andhis stepsadventure, througha theletter partedcomes fallin intoat what appears to be a man-made chamber.the "Iship'ms backbridge," hewhich declares, takingis a knee.summons Fromfor theLt. darknessSurge comesand aall voicethe affirmingother the[[Gym place hiddenLeader]]s to allappear exceptat those with three {{t|Water}}-typethe [[Pokémon withAssociation]] aheadquarters precisein combination of talents; {{adv|Lance}} steps forward, congratulating Silver on his reaching the[[Goldenrod chamberCity]].
LastlyBack on the Whirl Islands, weSilver arespeculates shownthat someone could have struck Lugia with a scenePoké ofBall immediately before Crystal did. Silver then brings out his {{p|Murkrow}}, guessing that whoever attacked Lugia in the cave is the culprit and that the entire fight that they had with the [[TohjoLegendary FallsPokémon]], wherewas a trap. Despite Crystal's objections that he should at least speak to {{padv|SuicuneProfessor Oak}} standsand ready[[Professor Elm]] before chasing Lugia's captor, Silver flies off clutching Murkrow's talon. Gold assures Crystal that Silver would not call the Professors under any circumstances and, in spite of his old habit of warning Silver not to maketry itsto choicehandle everything on his own, thinks well enough of this departure as he and Silver have a [[Masked Man|common enemy]] this time. Crystal begins to wonders what Gold could mean by that, but remembers {{adv|Yellow}} and [[Wilton]].
Suddenly, she gets a call from Professor Oak on her [[Pokégear]]. Professor Oak states that he is aware of the unusual events near [[Cianwood City]] and has called to check on Crystal. Crystal tells him about everything that has happened to her lately, including the part about losing Yellow. Oak informs her that there is a meteorological crew on the way, and he will tell them to look for Yellow. He also needs her to go to the [[Indigo Plateau]], and says that he was also going to ask Gold to go, but has been unable to reach him and could be anywhere. However, Crystal reveals, he is standing right next to her.
Meanwhile, Silver flies high above the island chain and lands on the southernmost isle, which is the only one that he and Gold have not visited. Its crag houses a whirlpool and at the back of which is a roaring waterfall. Touching down, Silver sends out {{TP|Silver|Gyarados}}, {{p|Kingdra}}, and {{TP|Silver|Feraligatr}} and orders them to use {{m|Whirlpool}}, {{m|Waterfall}}, and {{m|Surf}}, respectively. Using Feraligatr, Silver sails over the calmed pool and steps through the parted fall into what appears to be a man-made chamber. "I'm back," he declares, dropping onto one of his knees. From the darkness comes a voice affirming the place hidden to all except those with three {{type|Water}} Pokémon with a precise combination of talents. {{adv|Lance}} then steps forward, congratulating Silver on reaching the chamber.
==Major events==
* {{adv|Gold}}, {{adv|Silver}}, and {{adv|Crystal}} try to look for the {{p|Lugia}} that attacked them.
* Silver goes to [[Lance]] to get the Pokémon he needs to fight {{p|Lugia}}.
* In the [[Chuang Yi]] version the {{t|Water}} type is mistakenly called the Sea type.
==In other languages==