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Pokémon in Serbia

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|language={{wp|Serbian language|Serbian}}
|AG001=Only [[S07]] aired
|DP001=Never aired
|XY001=Never aired
|SM001=Never aired
The [[Pokémon]] franchise first reached '''{{wp|Serbia}}''' <!-- in ??? --> with the airing of ''[[EP001|Покемон, ја бирам тебе!]]''. In Serbia Pokémon can be written as '''Покемон''' or '''Pokemon''' though the English logo is used in the anime.
==Pokémon video games==
Various Pokémon games are sold in Serbia, but they are left in English.In the years 2007-2013, CoolPlay was an exclusive distributor of Nintendo.<ref></ref>Since 2016, CD Media has been selling games.<ref></ref>
==Pokémon anime==
The anime in '''{{wp|Serbia}}''' (at the time {{wp|Federal Republic of Yugoslavia}} and {{wp|Serbia and Montenegro}}) was dubbed from ''[[S01|Pokémon: Indigo League]]'' to ''[[S05|Pokémon: Master Quest]]'' by studio LoudWorksLoudworks. [[Pokémon_Chronicles|Pokémon Chronicles]] came out in 2005, dubbed by an{{wp|Happy unknown studioTV}}, with seemingly all voice actors changed except for Misty, onand fourAsh. DVDsIt inaired 2005on -Happy 2006.TV Someand ofall the episodes alsoexcept aired19-21 were released on {{wp|Happyfour TV}}DVDs from 2005 to 2006. With [[S06|Pokémon: Advanced]] never getting dubbed surprisingly [[S07|Pokémon: Advanced Challenge]] started airing a fair while after [[S05|''Master Quest]]'' concluded, still dubbed by LoudWorksLoudworks, but with some voice actors changed. The original dub aired on many different channels, including {{wp|RTV Pink|Pink}} and {{wp|Ultra (TV channel|Ultra}}., while ''[[S07|Advanced Challenge]]'' aired only on {{wp|Ultra (TV channel|Ultra}}. [[S01|''Indigo League]]'' and ''[[S02|Orange Islands]]''{{'}} theme song was the [[Pokémon_Theme|Pokémon Theme]] dubbed in Serbian with [[Pokémon_World_(song){{so|Pokémon World]]}} being skipped. ''[[S03|Johto Journeys]]'', ''[[S04|Johto League Champions]]'', and [[S05|''Master Quest]]'' all used [[Pokémon_Johto|Pokémon Johto]] dubbed in Serbian, skipping [[Born_to_Be_a_Winner|Born to Be a Winner]] and [[Believe_in_Me|Believe in Me]]. [[S07|''Advanced Challenge]]'' used [[This_Dream|This Dream]] dubbed in Serbian. Seasons [[S08|8]] through [[S13|13]] were never dubbed. ''[[S14|Pokémon: Black & White]]'' started airing on {{wp|Happy TV}} in Serbian, dubbed by studio Ideogram, using [[Black_and_White_(song){{so|Black and White]]}} dubbed in Serbian as it'sits opening. Anything beyond that was never dubbed as of now.
In Serbia, the anime is available on [[Netflix]].
===Pokémon movies===
The only movies that were dubbed in Serbian are movies 4, 5 and 7. [[M05]] is still dubbed by Loudworks, but [[M04]] and [[M07]] withwere bothdubbed ofby themstudio seeminglyPrizor. having[[M07]] awas completelyreleased differentunder dubbingthe studiotitle than{{tt|Судбина theДеоксиса|Deoxys otherDestiny}}. andAll theof regularthem, anime.except Theyfor [[M05]], were released on DVD. The opening theme and ending themessongs were not dubbed.
A Serbian subtitled version of ''{{mov|Detective Pikachu}}'' was shown in cinemas on May 16, 2019.
===Cast and crew===
==== [[S01]] - [[S05]] (Loudworks) ====
*[[{{Ash Ketchum]]}}: '''Горан Јевтић / Goran Jevtić'''
*[[Misty_(anime){{an|Misty]]}}: '''Марија Дакић / Marija Dakić'''
*[[Brock_(anime){{an|Brock]]}}: '''Марко Јањић / Marko Janjić'''
*[[Jessie]]{{Tracey}}: '''BojanaМарко Stefanović'''Јанјић / Marko Janjić
*[[JamesJessie]]: '''StefanБојана KapičićСтефановић / Bojana Stefanović'''
*[[NarratorJames]]: '''PredragСтефан ĐorđevićКапичић / Stefan Kapičić'''
*Singer of the [[Pokémon_Theme|Pokémon ThemeNarrator]]: '''NenadПредраг Ђорђевић / Predrag JovanovićĐorđević'''
*Singers of [[Pokémon_Johto|Pokémon Johto]]{{MTR}}: '''DejanМладен Cukić'''Андрејевић and/ '''MarijaMladen MihajlovićAndrejević'''
*LipSingers Syncof the [[Pokémon Theme]]: '''MarkoНенад MajerЈовановић / Nenad Jovanović''' and '''VukašinМарија Михајловић / Marija VukotićMihajlović'''
*SoundSingers Mixof [[Pokémon Johto]]: '''DarkoДејан Цукић / Dejan Cukić''' and '''Марија Михајловић / Marija ObradovićMihajlović'''
*Lip Sync: '''Марко Мајер / Marko Majer''' and '''Вукашин Вукотић / Vukašin Vukotić'''
*Sound Mix: '''Дарко Обрадовић / Darko Obradović'''
====[[Pokémon videoChronicles]] games(Happy TV)====
Pokémon*{{Ash}}: games'''Горан areЈевтић not/ soldGoran in Serbia.Jevtić'''
*{{an|Misty}}: '''Марија Дакић / Marija Dakić'''
*{{an|Brock}}: '''Бојан Жировић / Bojan Žirović'''
*[[Jessie]]: '''Владислава Ђорђевић / Vladislava Đorđević'''
*[[James]]: '''Бојан Жировић / Bojan Žirović'''
*[[Narrator]]: '''Горан Јевтић / Goran Jevtić'''
*{{MTR}}: '''Горан Јевтић / Goran Jevtić'''
====[[S07|Advanced Challenge]] (Loudworks)====
*{{Ash}}: '''Горан Јевтић / Goran Jevtić'''
*{{an|May}}: '''Марија Дакић / Marija Dakić'''
*{{an|Brock}}: '''Синиша Убовић / Siniša Ubović'''
*[[Max]]: '''Александра Ђурић / Aleksandra Đurić'''
*[[Jessie]]: '''Бојана Стефановић / Bojana Stefanović'''
*[[James]]: '''Срђан Јовановић / Srđan Jovanović'''
*[[Narrator]]: '''Предраг Ђорђевић / Predrag Đorđević'''
*{{MTR}}: '''Младен Андрејевић / Mladen Andrejević'''
*Singer of [[This Dream]]: '''Дејан Гладовић / Dejan Gladović'''
====[[S14|Pokémon: Black & White]] (Ideogram)====
*{{an|Iris}}: '''Јадранка Пејановић / Jadranka Pejanović'''
==Pokémon and grammar==
The word покемон ''Pokémon'' as well as the names for each Pokémon are fully inflected in Serbian. Покемон is written in lowercase when referring to the species and is written in uppercase or uses Pokémon when referring to the series as a whole. Individual Pokémon and character names are often the English name transcribed into the [[wikipedia:Cyrillic script|Cyrillic alphabet]] or derived closely from their English name; for example, {{p|Meowth}} becomes Мјау ''Mjau''.
{| style="background: #2E83D2; margin-left: 10px; margin-bottom: 10px; {{roundy}}; border: 3px solid #81807A"
! style="background: #6AA9E4; {{roundytl|5px}}" |
! style="background: #6AA9E4" | Singular
! style="background: #6AA9E4" | Plural
|- style="background: #fff"
| style="background: #6AA9E4" | '''Nominative'''
|по́кемон / pо́kemon
|по́кемони / pо́kemoni
|- style="background: #fff"
| style="background: #6AA9E4" | '''Genitive'''
|по́кемона / pо́kemona
|по́кемона / pо́kemona
|- style="background: #fff"
| style="background: #6AA9E4" | '''Dative'''
|по́кемону / pо́kemonu
|по́кемонима / pо́kemonima
|- style="background: #fff"
| style="background: #6AA9E4" | '''Accusative'''
|по́кемона / pо́kemona
|по́кемоне / pо́kemone
|- style="background: #fff"
| style="background: #6AA9E4" | '''Vocative'''
|по́кемоне / pо́kemone
|по́кемони / pо́kemoni
|- style="background: #fff"
| style="background: #6AA9E4" | '''Instrumental'''
|по́кемоном / pо́kemonom
|по́кемонима / pо́kemonima
|- style="background: #fff"
| style="background: #6AA9E4" | '''Prepositional'''
|по́кемону / pо́kemonu
|по́кемонима / pо́kemonima
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