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The kids are eating lunch together. Cherry says she wants to compete in the [[Johto League]]. She notices that Ash and {{AP|Pikachu}} know each other very well, and says that it's thought if a Trainer and their Psychic Pokémon are very close they can communicate psychically. She challenges Ash to a {{pkmn|battle}} and he accepts.
Pikachu starts with a {{m|Quick Attack}} that knocks Girafarig down, but Girafarig gets up and uses {{m|Future Sight}}. Nothing seems to happen, so Pikachu continues with {{m|Thunderbolt}} and {{m|Agility}} when Girafarig tries to {{m|Stomp}} ithim. Suddenly a wind rustles through the trees and a tremendous blast comes out of nowhere! Pikachu is thrown back but he's not out of the fight yet. Cherry explains that this is Future Sight: a time delayed Psychic attack. Now Girafarig uses {{m|Psybeam}}, Pikachu counters it with Thunderbolt, creating an explosion that raises a cloud of dust. Before Girafarig can attack again, Pikachu leaps out of the cloud and uses {{m|Thunder}} to win the match.
All of them congratulate Cherry for a great match, but she's worried because she can't communicate psychically with Girafarig. Ash reassures her that she's still a good {{pkmn|Trainer}}. Cherry invites them all to her town to see all the other Psychic Pokémon.