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PokéPark Wii: Pikachu's Adventure

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Story: fix mix between past and present perspectives
One day while playing with his friends {{p|Charmander}}, {{OBP|Piplup|PokéPark}}, and {{p|Chikorita}}, a kind hearted {{OBP|Pikachu|PokéPark}} encounteredencounters {{p|Mew}}. Mew joinedjoins in the festivities and ledleads the group to a small hole in the ground. Pikachu is then accidentally shoved into the hole and falls into a whole other world inhabited only by Pokémon. Pikachu's friends, worried about his well being, jumped in after him. After landing, Pikachu sees Mew in a dream who explains that a terrible fate has befallen on the {{ga|PokéPark}} because an ancient stone, the Sky Prism, has shattered into 14 shards and scattered across the PokéPark.
The player, as Pikachu, must solve the crisis that has befallen the PokéPark. The player will explore various Zones within the PokéPark, each very different to the last: Meadow Zone, Beach Zone, Iceberg Zone, Cavern Zone, Lava Zone, Haunted Zone, Granite Zone, and the Flower Zone, along with the Sky Pavilion. Each Zone has various Attractions, which comprise the main challenges in the game. The player will receive a Sky Prism Piece at each Attraction the first time they achieve a bonus score.