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As they walk through Pallet Town, Alexa notes that Ash's Pokémon must be anxiously waiting for him at his house but Ash corrects her that [[Professor Oak]] cares for them at his [[Professor Oak's Laboratory|laboratory]]. He's eager to head there at once and offers to show Alexa the way, but Alexa tells Ash that visiting [[Delia Ketchum|his mother]] comes first and she can find her way. Ash agrees, and the two arrange to meet at the lab later before heading down separate paths.
At the Ketchum residence, [[Mimey|Mr. Mime]] is sweeping the front path when Ash arrives and the two have a happy reunion. Heading inside, Ash is greeted by his mom who asks him for his laundry. She notes that from the look of his worn [[bag|backpack]] he clearly did his best, and Ash confirms that he did even if it wasn't enough to win the [[Vertress Conference|Unova League]]. As she takes the bag of dirty washing, Delia sends Ash upstairs to clean and get refreshed. Heading upstairs, Ash enters his bedroom and adds his collection of Unova Gym badges to his mementos of past adventures, knowing he did his best while resolving to do better next time.
Later, Ash has a hot drink as {{AP|Pikachu}} and Mr. Mime play together and Delia makes plans to invite Professor Oak and Alexa to dinner. She then notes that Ash is probably wanting to head to the lab to see his Pokémon and allows him to go. Ash happily leaves, promising to return soon.