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{{Ash}}, {{an|Misty}}, and {{an|Brock}} were resting in the forest. Ash started to swing on vines, but he slammed into a tree. {{AP|Pikachu}} came over to see if Ash was all right when ithe saw a small Pikachu. Ash and Pikachu ran after it and Misty and Brock followed them, only to see a whole clan of Pikachu with the small Pikachu in a clearing. Pikachu said hello but the {{pkmn2|wild}} {{p|Pikachu}} got scared and ran off. Pikachu started to walk away, but the small Pikachu came over and shook tails with ithim. Brock claimed it must have accepted Ash's Pikachu. Ash ran toward them, yelling that he wants to be part of their group, but he scared them and they ran off.
Later, Ash asks Brock and Misty why the Pikachu ran away. Brock tells him that he probably scared the Pikachu, because they were not used to human contact in the deep forest they were in. The small Pikachu, watching their conversation, fell into a river and Ash's Pikachu jumped in to save it. The Pikachu all started joining tails to save them and they succeeded.
Meanwhile, {{TRT}} saw the Pikachu and decided that they would capture all of them for {{an|Giovanni|their Boss}}.
At night, all of the Pikachu started singing their Pikachu chant. Ash and {{ashfr}} watched and saw how happy Ash's Pikachu was. Ash was sad, but when asked what was wrong claimed it was nothing. He stayed up while Misty and Brock slept and saw Pikachu's face in the fire. He thought maybe Pikachu should be with itshis own kind. The fire finally went out, with the image of Pikachu running away. Suddenly, the Pikachu screamed for help. Ash, Brock, and Misty went to investigate the noise immediately, only to find all the Pikachu captured in a net which was, as [[Jessie]] said, electric-proof. [[James]] shot a net at Ash and his friends, but they got out of it very easily. Team Rocket started sailing away with the Pikachu but Ash's Pikachu began chewing at the net and broke it. Ash and his friends held up the net they were captured in and the Pikachu jumped into it unharmed. Ash's Pikachu bit a hole in the balloon and Team Rocket started "blasting off again". Ash started to walk away without Pikachu and Misty and Brock asked him why. He said Pikachu would be happier here. Pikachu started following but Ash yelled at ithim to stay behind. He ran away and remembered a lot about Pikachu, having a flashback of many memories of their previous adventures.
Finally, Ash stopped and Misty and Brock caught up to him. Behind Ash, his Pikachu shook tails with the small Pikachu and all the wild Pikachu started chanting. Pikachu ran into Ash's arms. Ash was so touched that he started to cry. The episode ended with Ash and Pikachu hugging, with the narrator saying that in their hearts, they know that they will face every challenge together.