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Team Rocket Blasts Off!

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Jessie then reminisces about her greatest battle, [[EP028|opening a fashion salon]] at [[Celadon City]]. This salon was a scam in order to steal rare Pokémon that trainers brought in for a makeover. Misty entered the salon and Jessie gave her a makeover. Despite Meowth ruining the scam by revealing their true identities to Misty, Jessie had the idea of kidnapping Misty and tying her up as bait. Ash, {{an|Brock}} and [[Suzie]] then arrived, and Ash and Brock challenged Team Rocket to a battle. Ekans and Koffing were dressed in elegant outfits, while Ash and Brock sent out Pikachu and {{TP|Brock|Geodude}} Ekans slammed into Pikachu by turning into a wheel, and Koffing used Sludge to eliminate Pikachu and Geodude. Jessie erroneously believes that this ended the battle, but James reminds her that Suzie's {{p|Vulpix}} used {{m|Fire Spin}} to blast them off.
James recollects his brilliant plan to capture Pikachu, [[EP055|by using a Pokémon photographer]] called [[Todd Snap|Snap]]. Although they believed Snap was excellent at capturing Pokémon, it turns out Snap was only a photographer and captured Pokémon on film. James then dug a trap for Ash and his friends, although the trap was dug over a water pipe, which collapsed and carried them away to a waterfall. Snap tried to rescue them with his camera strap, and James had Meowth steal Pikachu from Ash's bag using a net. James mistakenly recounts that he used one of his Rocket Bombs to eliminate Ash. However, Meowth reminds him while holding the Rocket Bomb, Snap asked them to pose for a picture, and in doing so the bomb exploded in their faces. Then, Ash sent out his {{AP|Bulbasaur}} to rescue Pikachu, and blast them off.
With Team Rocket humiliated from their defeats, they start to turn on each other, and declare that they are better off going solo. Jessie recounts her time before Team Rocket, alone and friendless. James also recounts that before Team Rocket, he was due to be married to [[Jessebelle]], something that he dreaded. Before it Team Rocket, Meowth was a gutter cat in love with another Meowth called [[Meowzie|Meowzy]]. Meowth learnt human speech in order to impress Meowzy, but Meowzy fell in love with a {{p|Persian}}. All three realise that they are better off together in Team Rocket, and band together to try and escape and capture Pikachu. Jessie finds the building plans on the computer, and they escape via a door next to the computer. They plot to booby-trap the Gym so that they can win against Ash.