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Legendary Pokémon
:Also, anime VERY MUCH does not equal the games. This is shown in many ways many other people would know much better than I, but the short version is that you can't rely on either canon to "prove" anything about the other.
:Also, some Legendary/Mythicals' lore also just doesn't ''lend'' itself to any suggestion of multiple of the Pokemon floating about. Mewtwo was pretty much a one-off experiment. Groudon/Kyogre/Rayquaza are spoken of as being in a three-way struggle that lasted thousands of years, not to mention Groudon/Kyogre supposedly creating the land/sea; the things that are said about them (even the pronouns/articles used to refer to them, as near as I can tell) really don't provide any reasonable room for the possibility of more than one of each. [[User:Tiddlywinks|Tiddlywinks]] ([[User talk:Tiddlywinks|talk]]) 05:40, 11 July 2016 (UTC)
::@Shiny Relicanth: To answer your points, in order: You are bringing up things to ''suggest'' that most are not unique, but you are not providing actual ''proof'', just ''implications'', ''inferences'' and ''theories''. Please understand the difference. You are jumping to conclusions.
::Again, because you ''still'' don't seem to understand: I'm ''not'' saying we should assume most are unique unless proven otherwise. I'm saying that we cannot assume ''either'' way unless it is ''explicitly'' stated. The ''only'' thing we can say with certainty is that there is not enough evidence in the games to support either the most-are-unique theory ''or'' the most-are-not-unique theory.
::I was not asking why you think those four are unique. I was asking what explicit evidence you have that all others are not unique. You don't have such evidence, because it doesn't exist.
::The games and the anime are actually made by entirely different people, so it's patently ridiculous to assume that anything in one affects the canonicity of anything in the other. [[User:Pumpkinking0192|Pumpkinking0192]] ([[User talk:Pumpkinking0192|talk]]) 06:09, 11 July 2016 (UTC)
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