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Progress Device

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|effect=Creates an advanced type of {{DL|Dungeon tile|Progress Point}} beneath the player and immediately saves the game. And also prevents any items and [[File:Poké_currency_VI_Sprite.png|link=Poké]] from being lost upon giving up in a dungeon.
|descsmd=In a dungeon where a <!-- [[file:MDBag Progress Device + VI Sprite.png]] -->Progress Device + has been installed, you won't lose items or [[File:Poké_currency_VI_Sprite.png|link=Poké]] when you faint.<br>Of course, you can save your adventure, too!
|locsmd=[[Glorious Gold]] ([[Lively Town]]), Kecleon Shop ([[Sahra Town]]), raising {{DL|Rank (Mystery Dungeon)|Expedition Rank}} to Bronze