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Salandit (Pokémon)

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'''Salandit''' ([[List of Japanese Pokémon names|Japanese]]: '''??''' ''??'') is a dual-type {{2t|Poison|Fire}} Pokémon.
The Toxic Lizard Pokémon Salandit emits toxic gas, together with flames, from the base of its tail. The gas it emits has a sweet smell, and anyone who unknowingly breathes it in will become dizzy. Although Salandit is not a particularly powerful Pokémon, it uses its cunning nature to fiercely battle and throw its opponent off balance.
Salandit has the Corrosion Ability, an Ability that no previous Pokémon has had before. The Corrosion Ability means that Salandit can inflict the Poison status condition even on Steel- and Poison-type Pokémon.
==In the anime==
====Base stats====
===Side game data===
Salandit appears to be based on a {{wp|Salamander}}.
====Name origin====
Salandit may be based on the word ''Salamander''.
==In other languages==
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