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[[File:Colress Adventures.png|thumb|right|170px|Colress in Pokémon Adventures]]
[[File:Hood Man.png|thumb|left|130px|Colress as the Hood Man]]
Colress appearsappeared as an antagonist, working withhelping Team Plasma to help them with their goal of convincingPokémon people to liberate their Pokémonliberation. HeColress' first appearsappearance was as a competitor ofin the Unova Pokémon League, disguisedwhere ashe awas cloakeddisguised manas the namedcloak-bearing '''Hood Man''' (Japanese: '''フードマン''' ''Hood Man''). He managed to sneak in without having earned any of the eight Unova Gym Badges. After battling his way through Victory Road, he eventually makesmade it tointo the top 8. In the quarterfinalquarterfinals match, he iswas paired up against [[Marlon]] as his opponent. Although Marlon managesmanaged to disable histhe moves of Colress' {{p|Beheeyem}}'s moves, Colress manages to comecame out on top and advanceadvanced to the next round. After leaving, he notesnoted that participating in the League and observing powerful Trainers willwould help him in his research. In the semifinals, Colress facesfaced his next opponent, {{adv|Cheren}}. Although Cheren initially strugglesstruggled due to his disappointment in his {{TP|Cheren|Snivy}}'s disappointing strength, he switchesswitched it out for his {{p|Unfezant}} and quickly defeatsdefeated Colress's Beheeyem with a {{m|U-turn}}.
WhenLater, when Cheren battlesbattled with {{adv|Black}}, Colress talkstalked to [[Zinzolin]] about whether or not Zinzolin'shis theory that a cold heart iswas the best way to bring out thea strengthPokémon's withintrue a Pokémonstrength. Although Zinzolin statesstated that his theory iswas correct, Colress notesnoted that - in his battles, - he was able to see varying styles from many strong Trainers whothat use various styles to bringbrought out the strength of their Pokémon's strength. When {{adv|White}} figures outdiscovered that the two arewere actually members of Team Plasma, she attemptsattempted to revealexpose thisthem to everyone at the League. Although she manageswas to reveal this to everyonesuccessful, Colress hashad his Beheeyem use {{m|Teleport}} to transport her to [[N]]'s room inside his [[N's Castle|castle]].
When Team Plasma makesmade their attack on the Pokémon League, and N's Castle risesrose from the ground, Colress returnsreturned to stopprevent the Elite Four from helping in the battle. There, he revealsrevealed that he washad been given {{p|Tornadus}}, {{p|Thundurus}}, and {{p|Landorus}} and intendsthat onhe havingintended themon battlebattling the Elite Four so that he canto figurediscover outhow to transform the three into their Therian Formes. UsingHe a mirror, he discoversdiscovered that a special mirror iswas the key to transforming the three Pokémon. When Ghetsis iswas defeated by {{adv|Black}}, Colress rushesrushed in to assist his allyhim. Using his {{p|Beheeyem}}, Colress freesfreed Ghetsis from being trapped, causescausing Black to be sealed into the [[Dragon Stones|Light Stone]], and TeleportsTeleported himself and Ghetsis away. Afterwards, he talkstalked to Ghetsis, who thanksthanked him for his assistance to Team Plasma's goal. Although Ghetsis expressesexpressed a desire to work with him again, but Colress only agreesagreed as long as it doesn'tdid not impede his research.
Two years later, he attacksattacked [[Aspertia City]] for a test -run of Genesect's abilities. There, he encountersencountered [[Lack-Two]] and [[Looker]], who happened to be in the area. Lack-Two attemptsattempted to capture Genesect, as he noticednoticing that Colress was controlling it with a machine and inferring that it must still be a wild Pokémon. After a long battle, Lack-Two succeeds in capturing Genesect withWith the help of his {{p|Dewott}}, Lack-Two succeeded in capturing Genesect. Defeated, Colress commendscommended Lack-Two's strength and leavesleft, but not before revealing that he hashad become the new leader of Team Plasma. Beforeand disappearing, he tellstelling the two that Ghetsis iswas the one to ask if they wishwished to find outdiscover why. Later., he arrivesarrived at the [[Plasma Frigate]] to check up on the new Grunt uniforms he had designed. He meetsmet with Ghetsis and statesstated that they should go to meet with Zinzolin.