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'''Contact''' (Japanese: '''{{tt|接触|せっしょく}}''' ''contact'') or '''direct attack''' (Japanese: '''{{tt|直接攻撃|ちょくせつ こうげき}}''' ''direct attack'') is a term used to describe the condition when one Pokémon in a {{pkmn|battle}} physically touches the opponent in order to deal damage with a move. The distinction between moves that make contact and moves that do not was introduced in [[Generation III]].
Contact is distinct from whether a move is considered [[physical move|physical]] or [[special move|special]] in nature from [[Generation IV]] onwards, but most moves that make contact are physical moves, while most special moves do not make contact; [[status move]]s do not make contact in any case.
The use of contact-based moves can trigger various [[Ability|Abilitiesitem]]s or {{Abilities}} of the foe, such as {{a|Cute Charm}} and {{a|Effect Spore}}. It can also trigger certain [[item]]s, and can be used to spread [[Pokérus]].
Hitting a {{m|substitute}} does not make contact with the Pokémon behind it.
While {{status|confusion}} damage is physical, it does not make contact.
Note that {{m|Ancient Power}} and {{m|Overheat}} make contact in [[Generation III]] only.
==Moves involving contact==
The moves {{m|Ancient Power}} and {{m|Overheat}} make contact in [[Generation III]] only.
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|ko=접촉 ''contact''
==See also==
* [[Special move]]
* [[Physical move]]
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