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With all the injured Pokémon at the Pokémon Center now healed, Brock tells Pansage he will take him back to Cilan. Just then, Ayumi rushes in and tells Nurse Joy and Brock that Gyarados is in trouble. Outside of the city, Gyarados tries desperately to escape from the net and Amer fires missiles at it using his robotic Qwilfish. Gyarados finally breaks free from the net with a powerful Flamethrower, but is shocked by Amer's Qwilfish Amer and ends up sinking into the river. Amer thinks Gyarados has finally given in, but then it emerges from the water and uses Hyper Beam to destroy the robot. Gyarados begins giving off a red aura, which Officer Jenny identifies as the move {{m|Outrage}}. Gyarados destroys Amer's boat using Flamethrower, so Amer attempts to make a run for it, but Cilan sends out {{TP|Cilan|Crustle}} to stop Amer with a heavy body slam.
Cilan and Officer Jenny get on a bridge and try to talk to Gyarados to calm it down, but this does not work. Brock and Nurse Joy show up with Pansage, who runs to Cilan and hugs him. Cilan is relieved to see Pansage feeling all better. Brock laments that their voices may not be able to reach Gyarados anymore since its Outrage has been triggered. Cilan does not accept, and he runs to the side of the bridge once more to talk to Gyarados, but this fails again. Brock then notices that Gyarados is wounded on its tail and should calm down so it can be treated. With a new plan, Pansage uses {{m|Grass Whistle}} by pulling out a chunk of the sprout on his head and playing music<!-- Oración (what is this, the official OST name?)-->. The move's effect puts Gyarados to {{status|sleep}}, so Brock wastes no time to climb onto Gyarados and spray a [[Super Potion]] on its wound. Later, Gyarados wakes up back in its lake and Cilan says it can now live in peace, so it leaves. Brock states that Cilan's courage reminds him of a friend he traveled with. Cilan says that he had a friend like that who must have rubbed off on him without him realizing.
Back at the Pokémon Center, Officer Jenny thanks Cilan for his help and says that Amer will be arrested. Never one to let such an opportunity go to waste, Brock starts flirting excitedly with Officer Jenny, but Croagunk Poison Jabs his efforts once again. Cilan jokingly comments that Brock is a "Lady Connoisseur" and sets off on the road. As he walks away, Cilan realizes that he never asked Brock his name, but he quickly shakes it off.