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The episode starts off with {{Ash}} and {{Ashfr}} admiring the scenery of [[Castelia City]] as Ash is pumped up with the {{ci|Castelia}} [[Castelia Gym|Gym]] battle. They then bump into [[Burgh]] and he explains something is not right... until {{AP|Pikachu}} hears weird sounds coming from [[Castelia Sewers|the sewers]]. They go down to investigate when they find a {{p|Venipede}} stuck in a pipe. Ash pulls it out and the scared Venipede immediately {{m|Screech}}es to harm everyone, but stops because of injury it has on its head. Ash then notices the injury and explains that he wants to help the Venipede, but it attacks Ash instead. Ash holds the confused creature and tells it he still wants to help with its injury. Venipede finally seems convinced as Ash falls to the floor not feeling so well. Ash wakes up when {{an|Cilan}} feeds him some antidote and Venipede is bandaged by {{an|Iris}} and Burgh. Iris then feedssprays Venipede with a [[Super Potion]] and feeds it an [[Oran Berry]] which it happily sucks the juices from. They then notice a huge swarm of Venipede marching through the sewers.
The Venipede use Screech to harm everyone to which they then assault them with {{m|Sludge Bomb}}s that Ash and his friends narrowly avoid. The swarm of Venipede start chasing after them as the bandaged Venipede decides to stay behind in the sewers. When everyone gets out, they realize the Venipede are invading the city. [[Officer Jenny]] appears and explains that the Venipede came out from the sewers. They suddenly hear an explosion coming from downtown to which they immediately run to. They see a group of Trainers attacking the Venipede with their {{type|Fire}} Pokémon. One of the Trainers is [[Trip]], who is using his {{p|Lampent}} to take on the Venipede. Ash tries to tell the Trainers to stop attacking the Venipede, but the [[Mayor of Castelia City]] comes and tells Ash that the Venipede need to get cleared out, and that battling them is the only way. But, Burgh suggests that they somehow get all the Venipede into the central part of the city so that they can find out why the Venipede are in the city. Ash, Cilan, and Iris all insist on this idea and Burgh says that they could find the Venipede leader and have it follow them. The Mayor agrees to this idea, and Burgh has Cilan stay at the Pokémon Center to go get Nurse Joy and her Audino. Burgh, Ash and Iris head off to find the Venipede leader as Trip ponders about the Venipede's leader. Back at [[Professor Juniper]]'s lab, the data from the EXA Satellite is received, as one of Juniper's assistants asks why they need it to diagnose the Venipede's actions. Professor Juniper hypothesizes that since Venipede usually nest underground, a reaction within the ground has caused the Venipede to move into Castelia City.