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Then, Pikachu and {{TP|May|Torchic}} decide to go and check out the situation, only to look at the remains of a forest fire caused by the storm last night. As they look at the remains, they hear a sound coming from the side and rush over to where the sound was coming from. They find a heavily injured Swablu lying on the ground and Ash and {{ashfr}} approach it.
Max comments that it is a Swablu and May talks about how cute it is. Brock then notices the wound on its right wing and Ash tells it to come over to him so that they can take care of it. May tells Ash that he should be more gentle than that and approaches Swablu, getting Ash out of the way. Swablu instead launches a {{m|Sing}} attack, making the whole group fall asleep. Then, Swablu accidentally wakes Torchic up and after a quick exchange of words, Torchic goes over to May and wakes her up by pecking on her nose. She wakes up with pain and tells Swablu that she won't hurt it. She then notices the injury on its wing and uses a spray[[Super medicinePotion]] to cure up the damaged wing.
She also tells Torchic to wake everyone up, which Torchic agrees on and it wakes everyone up with a few pecks on the nose. The peck was apparently very painful and it causes Ash, Brock, Max, and Pikachu to scream in pain. The loud scream catches the interest of a {{p|Nuzleaf}} and its Trainer.