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The scene opens with the sight of [[Mt. Coronet]]. Then the camera moves down where {{Ash}}, {{an|Dawn}} and {{an|Brock}} encounter a {{p|Shieldon}} when a vehicle with [[J's henchmen]] in it appears. One of them comes out and Ash tells his {{AP|Pikachu}} to use {{m|Thunderbolt}}. The henchman responds by sending {{p|Golbat}} which avoids Pikachu's attack and hits him with {{m|Wing Attack}}.
Suddenly, Gary appears with his {{TP|Gary|Electivire}}, which hits J's henchmen with an electric attack. Electivire picks up Shieldon and runs away along with Gary and the group. As they are running Brock explains to Dawn about Gary. The scene turns to Hunter [[J]] commanding her henchmen to capture the Shieldon. The scene reverts to the group, as they arrive at a place where Shieldon live. He talks about a project meant to make the place a Pokémon preserve. UsingHe then gets his laptop, heout of his [[bag|backpack]] and contacts [[Professor Rowan]] and tells him about the Pokémon hunters. The Professor then points out to him a location where they will meet up. Ash offers to help and Gary agrees, thanking him.
The scene turns to {{TRT}} plotting their revenge on J by stealing her collection of Pokémon. Suddenly, the same vehicle appears and Electivire picks the Shieldon up and rushes off with them into the forest. Then Gary sends out {{TP|Gary|Blastoise}} which uses {{m|Water Gun}} on the vehicle. Then Pikachu uses Thunderbolt and stops the vehicle. The same henchman comes out and sends out Golbat which knocks out Blastoise. Then Gary sends out {{TP|Gary|Umbreon}} which uses {{m|Sand-Attack}} on Golbat. It responds by using {{m|Air Cutter}} but Umbreon dodges it and hits a tree, causing a swarm of angry {{p|Beedrill}} come out. Gary recalls Umbreon and Blastoise, and the Beedrill head for the henchmen.