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After the opening theme, the scene shows Brock a couple of feet before the waterfall when he notices that there is a rope in the boat. He calls out {{TP|Brock|Happiny}}, who proceeds to toss the entire boat and Brock onto the shore. Ash and Dawn come running up asking if he's okay. He says that he's okay and directs their attention to Marley. As the camera pans up her motionless body, Dawn asks if she is real or not. Suddenly Marley opens her eyes and gets up. The first thing she asks is for the whereabouts of her basket which is still in the boat with her. She is thankful that the basket is unharmed and asks Brock why he's all wet. Brock seems confused by this question when Ash pipes in and semi-sarcastically says that she was about to go over a waterfall. Dawn then tells her that's why he is wet. Marley responds by verbally assuming that Brock's name is Brock. Dawn agitatedly responds that she should at least thank Brock for saving her, but Brock shrugs it off. Marley exits the boat and asks who Dawn and Ash are. Ash and Dawn are taken aback by her complacent attitude and quickly introduce themselves and their Pokémon. Brock asks Marley why she was sleeping in the boat, she tells them that she was hiding and had accidentally fallen asleep. She also explains that there was a group of "very bad people" after her. She then turns to Brock and asks him to protect her. She explains that she has to go to the other side of what seems to be [[Mt. Coronet]]. Ash and Dawn interject by saying that she can't just expect them to just say yes and bring her over the mountain, she tells them off by saying that she wasn't asking them which angers Ash.
While Brock is thinking, Dawn tells him that Marley will be fine by herself. Brock tells Dawn that if Marley is being chased and that the group is going that way anyway, that they can go together, an idea which Ash and Dawn seem almost sickened by. The scene switches to the four walking along a trail. Brock asks Marley where she will be heading after crossing over the Mountain. She says that she is headed to a very secret garden. Ash tries to get more information but Marley won't tell any more. Dawn asks Marley why all the bad people are after her and Marley sarcastically responds "It's because I'm an alien"." Ash and Dawn are surprised by this and excitedly ask if she is kidding. She very calmly says "I'm kidding"." Piplup's stomach starts to growl so Brock starts getting out Pokémon food. Marley stresses how she's in a hurry and is reassured by Brock that it won't take long. Marley is staring at Piplup and {{AP|Pikachu}} happily eating when she suddenly announces that she is going for a walk. The three are very surprised by Marley's strange behavior.
The scene then switches to Marley opening her picnic basket and letting out an injured {{p|Shaymin}}. The Shaymin is dirty and doesn't eat [[Pokémon food]] when Marley tries to feed it. She insists on it eating but it just won't. The scene switches back to Ash commenting on how long Marley has been gone for, the group decide to find her. When they do they see her with the Shaymin. Ash instantly recognizes it but Dawn has to pull out the [[Pokédex]] to check it. Brock comments on how weak Shaymin looks and Marley says that it has been that way since the morning. Brock examines it and Shaymin coughs up gas. Brock informs Marley that Shaymin has been exposed to a poison of some kind. Brock then explains how Shaymin can use a move called {{m|Seed Flare}}. Marley then recalls Shaymin inhaling a {{TP|Jessie|Seviper}}'s {{m|Haze}} earlier that morning. Brock feeds Shaymin a [[Pecha Berry]] to rid it of the poison. Shaymin coughs smoke and then explodes in a huge plume of black smoke. When the smoke clears Shaymin looks completely healed. He then feeds it a [[Sitrus Berry]] to help regain strength. After eating, it jumps up and utters a cry of happiness. Marley comments on how Brock is almost like [[Nurse Joy]]. Ash tells Marley that Brock wants to be the world’s best Pokémon breeder. Dawn asks Marley why she keeps Shaymin in a picnic basket and Marley says it's because the bad people are after Shaymin.
The camera then pans to {{TRT}} hiding behind a tree. Jessie is annoyed that Marley had to get "tangled up with the twerps". Jessie makes a comment about the all-nighter that they had pulled and how they deserve to steal Shaymin. The scene melts into a flashback. Team Rocket is walking along the path when {{MTR}} spots Shaymin waddling down the path. He exclaims about how rare it is and frightens it into running away. James then makes a comment on how Shaymin "ranks high as a really rare primo Pokémon". Team Rocket decides to chase it while yelling "Yoo-Hoo!". Shaymin runs up Marley's leg and hides on her shoulder. Jessie immediately sends out {{TP|Jessie|Yanmega}} and commands it to use {{m|SonicBoom}}, which propels Marley and Shaymin a couple of feet, away on the ground. Marley leans up enough to ask Shaymin if it's alright, then Jessie says that they've earned Shaymin. James says "It's finders keepers and losers losers!" Marley tells Team Rocket that Shaymin doesn't want to go with them when Meowth tells her that her ribbon is on too tight. She asks who they are which throws them into their newest Sinnoh Motto. During the motto, Marley and Shaymin slip away unseen which leaves Team Rocket shaking their heads in search for her. The next scene shows Marley trotting away with Shaymin while commenting on how boring Team Rocket is. This angers Jessie and prompts Team Rocket to give chase. Marley sends out her {{p|Arcanine}} and has it use {{m|Flamethrower}} on Team Rocket. This burns them up and creates a massive explosion which sends them blasting off once again. The flashback fades out and starts off with James saying "There isn't a blast-off big enough for Team Rocket!"