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In the manga
==In the manga==
===In the Ash and& Pikachu manga===
[[File:Drew AP.png|thumb|200px|Drew in the Ash and& Pikachu manga]]
Drew appears in ''[[SP21|The Enchanting Pokémon Soul!]]'' of the [[Ash and& Pikachu]] {{pkmn|manga}}. Unlike his anime counterpart, Drew was more flamboyant and arrogant.
While {{an|May}} was training her {{TP|May|Beautifly}}, Drew did a little dance and insulted her by claiming that she isn't good in Pokémon Contests. This made May frustrated but Drew shrugged it off and continued his dance. During the Contest, Drew sent out {{TP|Drew|Roselia}} and the [[appeal]] gave him a fantastic score, higher than May's. During the [[Contest Battle|Battle Round]], Drew was paired up against May. Despite May trying her best and her Beautifly having the type advantage, Drew was able to defeat her. He went to challenge {{ho|Robert}} and his {{p|Milotic}}, and lost despite the type advantage. After the loss, Drew shrugged it off and promised to be better in the next Pokémon Contest and went off, motivating May to do the same.