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Back at Ruby and the {{tc|Swimmer}}'s location, the two continue to fail in their capture of the {{p|Feebas}}. After hearing a rustling in the bushes, the two hide and see that a wild {{p|Zangoose}} has come out. Suddenly, a wild {{p|Seviper}} comes out and the two Pokémon begin fighting each other. As the two fight each other, Ruby and the Swimmer try to escape, but Ruby gets something on his fishing line.
This causes the two to notice them, which leads to them taking chase for thinking that Ruby and the Swimmer are there to interrupt them. Ruby looks for his [[PokéNav]], but is unable to find it, which leads to the Swimmer telling him to send out his prized Pokémon to fight. Ruby tells the Swimmer to send out his Pokémon instead, which leads to an argument which ends in their [[{{i|Poké Ball]]}}s sent flying and into the claws of their attackers.
Defenseless, Ruby and the Swimmer try to back away, but Ruby's fishing line begins shaking again. The line is revealed to have caught the {{p|Feebas}} from before, which has come to return Ruby's PokéNav. Zangoose and Seviper attack once more, but Feebas jumps into Ruby's arms and begins glowing.
* [[Norman]] finds a lead on {{adv|Ruby}}'s location.
* A {{p|Seviper}} and {{p|Zangoose}} spot Ruby and the {{tc|Swimmer}} and attack them.
* {{p[[Feefee|Feebas}}]] returns Ruby's [[PokéNav]].
* {{adv|Ruby}}
* [[Norman]]
* [[Gabby and Ty]]/{{tt|Maryann and Tyler|Chuang Yi}}
* [[Captain Stern]]
* {{tc|Swimmer}} Jack
* {{p|Mightyena}} ([[Nana]]; {{adv|Ruby}}'s)
* {{p|Delcatty}} ([[Kiki]]/{{tt|Coco|Chuang Yi}}; {{adv|Ruby}}'s)
* {{p|Marshtomp}} ([[Mumu]]/{{tt|Zuzu|Chuang Yi}}; {{adv|Ruby}}'s)
* {{p|Vigoroth}} ([[Norman]]'s)
* {{p|Staryu}} ({{tc|Swimmer}} Jack's)
* {{p|Feebas}} (later {{OP|Ruby|Feebas}})
* {{p|Zangoose}}
* {{p|Seviper}}
* {{p|Feebas}}
* In the [[Chuang Yi]] version, [[Petalburg Woods]] is called Petalburg Forest.
* In the Chuang Yi version, the [[PokéNav]] is called its Japanese name, PokéNavi.
==In other languages==
|zh_cmn={{tt|VS 貓鼬斬&飯匙蛇 I|VS Zangoose & Seviper I}} (Taiwan)<br>{{tt|VS 猫鼬斩&饭匙蛇 I|VS Zangoose & Seviper I}} (Mainland China)
|fr_eu={{tt|Rivalité séculaire - Partie 1|Secular rivalry - Part 1}}
|it=VS Zangoose & Seviper I
|ko={{tt|VS 쟝고 & 세비퍼 I|VS Zangoose & Seviper I}}
|vi=VS Zangoose & Habunake I - Trận chiến dữ dội
[[de:Kapitel 207 (Pocket Monsters SPECIAL)]]
[[fr:Chapitre 207 (Pocket Monsters Special)]]